Google Meet Features: Simple Steps To Sharing Your Screen With Other Participants

Simple Steps To Sharing Your Screen With Other Participants in Google meet

Google Meet has been Google’s answer to all the video chat applications and its been working great for individuals who wanted an alternate to Zoom due to its privacy policies. Now, Google Meet has quite a number of features and one of them is sharing your own screen with the participants.

Due to the reason that it’s new in the game, many individuals have confusion on how to share their screen using Google Meet. But its fairly easy and you won’t need a textbook on atomic science to know how to do the same.

Google Meet features

The steps to share your screen with other participants in Google Meet are as follows:

  1. Open Google Meet and connect to a meeting with other participants.
  2. Locate the bottom toolbar and press the button marked ‘Present Now’.
  3. A popup will ask which portion of the screen do you want to share. And if you’re on a multi-monitor setup then also it’ll ask you about which monitor to display while presenting.
  4. Select the type according to your preference from the list from the options such as ‘A windown’, ‘Full screen’, or ‘A Chrome Tab’.
  5. Now, Full-screen presentation would let you share your entire desktop screen and everyone would be able to see what you’re doing with your device.
  6. The window mode would only focus on a particular window and show the contents of the same.
  7. And if you choose A Chrome Tab then you can open up a website and show them what you want to use the internet.

Voila! You’ve shared your screen successfully and now that you have done it you’re ready for your next Gooogle Meet Meeting.

Also, Google has not made any major change to their previously used social platform named ‘Hangout’. The only thing that they’ve done is rebrand it for everyone who wants a F2F video conferencing app these days due to the forced lockdown.

Additionally, if you’ve been using Zoom previously then you should know that many individuals and companies have given up using zoom due to the reason that that app is less secured.

While with Google Meet you may get the feature that your security would not be affected but they’d surely end up generating a huge chunk of data from your inputs and download of their app. Which would be somehow used in advertising later on.

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But our goal here was not to educate about the security issues or asking you that if Google is trustable or not. We simply wanted to show you how you can share your screen in Google Meet and we’ve done that pretty good, right?

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