Embrace Your Feminine Side with Rose Gold Pendants


Bored of gold and silver pendants? Guess what, there’s a new hue in town that all the girls are raving about. Well, it’s not actually a new shade, but has existed for ages. However, it is only since a few years that it has become quite popular among the ladies. 

We are talking about rose gold. As the name suggests, it is a gold metal with a pink undertone. The reason of its well-deserved popularity is that it is a romantic and subtle hue that looks extremely aesthetic and elegant. It’s dreamy hue that translates itself into an elegant and graceful fine jewelry,


A rose gold pendant is a chic choice, most ideal for stylish spring and summer jewelry. It’s best styled with neutral and frilly shades. 

Here are some of the in-vogues pieces of rose gold pendant that we bet you’ll fall in love with: 

1. 14k Rose Gold Diamond Pendant 


Source: Mia by Tanishq 

We already got a rose gold pendant you’ll definitely be swooning over. This rose gold diamond pendant comes with three intertwined rings with diamonds studded on the surface. Symbolizing love, it’s a perfect gift for your beloved. Surprise her with this elegant piece to put a smile on her face!

2. Knit 14k Gold Chain and Pendant 

This elegant rose gold pendant would definitely be a show-stealer. Featuring an alluring golden knot and a dangling diamond at the bottom is a reflection of elegance and magnificent craftsmanship. Style it with a plain black top, or a chic summer dress to make all the heads turn to look at you. 

3. Ethereal Arch Diamond Rose Gold Pendant 


Source: Mia by Tanishq

Grace and sophistication come hidden in this alluring rose gold pendant. Featuring 30 artistically round cut diamonds, intricately set in prong into a captivating ethereal arch, this rose gold pendant is a sight for sore eyes. You can style it with your cute little black dress, or on a beige solid top, to get that perfect worth-falling-for look. 

4. Mia Mystic Rose Gold Pendant for Sagittarians: 

Sagittarians are known to be faithful, sympathetic, and intelligent. Have a person in mind? Or are you a Sagittarian yourself? Guess what? There’s no perfect gift for a Sagittarian than this rose gold pendant. The rose gold pendant is crafted with 14kt gold and features a Sagittarius constellation and archer symbol at the base. The Blue Topaz birthstone is the highlight of the rose gold pendant, sitting at the base with the intent of directing energies where needed. 

5. Stem of Hope Pendant 


Source: Mia by Tanishq

If you wish to gift your friend or the woman of your dreams something meaningful and hopeful to motivate them, then this rose gold pendant might be an end to your gift hunt. This chic rose gold pendant features a stem shaped design with triangular diamonds adorned along the three branches. You can rock this rose gold pendant with a gorgeous solid dress to get all the compliments to make your day. 

Let Mia by Tanishq Help you Express yourself with these Elegant Pieces of Rose Gold Pendants

Fell in love with these alluring pieces? You can find all these pieces on Mia by Tanishq. Mia by Tanishq is for those women who wish to express themselves with these elegant pieces of jewelry. Tanishq offers a diverse range of pendants to spoil you with choice. Be it rose gold pendant, or diamond rings, you can lean on Mia by Tanishq for all your minimal jewellery needs. 

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