Eating These 05 Things Are Actually Cutting All Your Efforts In Exercise


Waiting to eat your favorite food after a really hard exercise session is a different level of motivation, isn’t it? You feel as though that first bite after your session is your prize for this hard work. 

Moreover, you may also think that you are also allowed a few extra bites. 

Food That You Should Avoid When Working Out
Food That You Should Avoid When Working Out

But, you need to take a step back and think carefully about this. 

Food Before And After Workout

Now, you definitely need food before and after a workout.  This is because, in the process of losing calories and extra fat, you’ve also lost energy. 

So, now you need to restore the energy. Not only this, but you also need the energy to boost your metabolism and build strength and muscles. 

But, have you noticed that even after you exercise regularly, you still haven’t seen the results? What is the possible reason for this? 

The most important reason can be the food that you are eating. 

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. So, you need to be more careful of what you eat. 

Eating Habits That Affect Your Exercise

Even after you work out, the results are not visible sometimes. One of the possible reasons can be the food that you are eating post-workout. 

Yes, there are many food items that can reverse your hard work. Moreover, you cannot see the results and your time working out is wasted.

Therefore, food items that contain high amounts of sugar, saturated fat, or that are hard to digest should be avoided. 

Things To Avoid When On a Exercise Routine

Here are a few items that you should avoid after your workout: 

Spicy Food

Spicy foods are different to digest. So, you should avoid spicy foods, especially after a workout. 

This is because after a workout you will need food that is easy to digest and will give you energy. Spicy foods on the other hand will not be digested easily. 

Fatty Foods

You should avoid fatty foods before and after a workout. One of the main reasons is that if you avoid fatty foods before a workout, you’ll be more energetic during your session. 

Fatty foods contain high amounts of fat in them, so they remain undigested in your stomach. Working out with undigested food will lead to indigestion. 

Salty Food

Although your body does need sodium, consuming high amounts of it before a workout is not good.

This is because high amounts of sodium can cause dehydration and bloat. And this is not a state you want your stomach in while working out. 


Dairy products are good for your health, but they are also slow indigestion. 

Dairy products are high in protein and fat. And both protein and fat are difficult to digest quickly. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid dairy products before and after a workout session. 

Raw Vegetables

Raw vegetables are a good source for providing energy if taken before a workout. But, they are rich in fibre which can be a hindrance. 

Fibres are again difficult to digest quickly, so these are other food items that you should avoid before and after a workout. 

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Apart from these, you should also avoid fast food, carbs, chocolates and sweets to get better results. This is because these food items damage your body when your body needs energy the most. 

So, be careful of what you eat and when you eat. This along with a daily exercise can help you tremendously. 

There are food items that do reverse your efforts done in a workout. So, you want to keep your body fit, but the results are not visible even after you keep working out. 

Be more cautious of what you eat. 

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