Darlings Review: An Eccentric Take on Marital Abuse


Darlings Review Punchline: A well-thought-out film that benefits from its excellent screenplay and powerful performance from the cast. The film is aware of its end goal and gets most of the things exactly how the filmmakers would have wanted it to turn out.

Darlings Movie Cast:  Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah, Vijay Varma, Roshan Mathew, Rajesh Gupta, Vijay Maurya, Kiran Karmakar

Darlings Movie Director: Jasmeet K Reen

Darlings Movie Rating: 2.5 stars

Darlings Story: Badru, played by Alia Bhatt, hopes that her husband portrayed by Vijay Varma, will someday transform into a good human being after quitting his habit of drinking alcohol. However, the wife-beater husband’s rage goes too far, and Badru, along with her mother (Shefali Shah) decides to take revenge against him boldly, albeit clumsily.

darlings review

Darlings Detailed Review:

Alia Bhatt’s recent release just continues to solidify her place as the top actress in Bollywood at the moment. She has again delivered on the promise with a fabulous performance that keeps viewers engaged and entertained throughout the course of the film.

Shefali Shah is equally brilliant as the mother Shamsu. Her character has beautiful intricacies that, at times, you may feel that the film has under-explored. Shefali Shah’s and Roshan Mathew’s budding chemistry is one of the most soothing factors in the film. You will definitely like the eccentric couple.

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The film follows the beautifully written Badru and Hamza, whose love marriage turns into a cynical nightmare after a few years. The constant beating and apologies are the only sound that resounds in their home, which they had thought would last for eternity.

Darlings Review

Jasmeet Reen’s directorial gets many things right and one of them being Badru’s belief that her husband will magically transform into a good guy again when he stops drinking. The typical age-old belief held by many women in India is made apparent quite wonderfully.

The toxic cycle in which a man tries to control a woman by using her for his own benefits is made aware to the public with the cycle of life in Hamza and Badru’s case. At night Hamza turns into a violent force who tries to win the love back from Badru in the morning with the charm that made her fall for him in the first place.

Their daily routine never seems mundane, as you have a feeling that something is going to erupt soon. The emotions visible on Alia’s face will make you admire her even more. She just continues to improve astronomically with every movie.

However, don’t think that Darlings is just an emotional movie with a heavy topic. It’s much more than that. The comedic scenes lighten up the heavy tension in the air and make viewers breathe a sigh of relief amidst the hard-hitting story that continues to develop as well.

All in all, it definitely deserves a watch. To stream the film, click here.

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