Dark Secrets of Tollywood One Should Know


Tollywood has many mysteries and secrets hidden behind its glamour, success, blockbuster actors, and movies.

Many fans have speculated about the ill rumours and events in the Tollywood industry.


The world of movie-making is filled with countless stories of deceit, cheating and corrupted activities. Tollywood is no exception, as it harbours many dark secrets that are still unknown to many.


Here we have uncovered some of the biggest mysteries and enigmas in the fabled Tollywood film industry.

Here are some top dark secrets of Tollywood:

1- The rivalry between Krishna and NTR

The rivalry between the top two stars of Tollywood, Krishna (father of Mahesh Babu) and NTR (grandfather of Jr NTR), is a truth that many do not know about.

Jr NTR was a popular actor in Tollywood, and whatever he took part in, he succeeded with flying colours. He became the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh after entering politics 11 months earlier.

krishna and ntr

Krishna, who was a member of Congress at that time, was jealous of NTR’s success in both the film industry and politics. He started producing movies that defamed NTR and mocked him for entering politics.

Krishna’s hate did not know any bounds as he targeted NTR by funnelling the movies through dark and illicit channels to rob NTR of his success.

2- Casting Couch

Casting Couch is true for almost any film industry, and various reports and whistleblowers have confirmed the same about the industry.

It is one of those dark secrets of Tollywood that can’t be denied, but no one from the film industry will confirm it either.

The big corporations and producers deceive struggling actors and artists to do away with their consciousness and take part in heinous things to get a chance to showcase their talent at the box office.

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3- Nepotism

Nepotism is highly prevalent in Tollywood, and struggling actors and artists without the backing of godfathers in the industry find it hard to secure a role in any film.

Jr NTR, Ram Charan, Mahesh Babu, Dhanush and many more easily have the chance to establish themselves as the top starts due to constant backing from their families that have a huge influence in the Tollywood industry.

4- Ghost Writing

Many Tollywood creators have taken the liberty to outsource the stories for their popular films to writers who are willing to stay anonymous for an amount of money.

This strategy is highly becoming popular as it cuts the production costs, and the filmmaker does not even have to suffer any liabilities in future. It is one of the most striking dark secrets of Tollywood.


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