Can You Get Better at Online Blackjack?


In the ‘80s and ‘90s, a team of MIT students won over $6 million in Las Vegas by counting blackjack cards. Their story was immortalized by the movie, 21, in 2008. In 2011, Don Johnson made headlines after winning more than $6 million from two Atlantic City Casinos in the same night.

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Over the years, hundreds of people have won millions of dollars by playing blackjack strategically. So, yes, you can get better at online blackjack. All you need is a learning spirit, patience, and some of the following tips:

Learn and use the Basic Blackjack Strategy

The Basic Blackjack Strategy is a list of dos and don’ts for playing blackjack. It is the most popular blackjack online strategy out there. What’s more, it’s legal to use at nearly every casino—both online and in-person. 

In fact, you can download a basic blackjack cheat sheet and use it at your favorite blackjack casino. That being said, only use this system if you know what the following blackjack moves mean:

  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Split
  • Double down
  • Surrender

Hit means to ask for another card. Stand indicates you don’t want another card. You split cards if you have two cards with the same value, say two 8’s. Doubling down refers to doubling your bets. If you surrender, you lose half your stake.

Basic blackjack shows you when to make the moves mentioned above. As an example, the strategy says you should stand if you have a soft 15 and the dealer’s open card ranges from 2-7. 

The basic blackjack strategy is a tried and tested system. Read its guidelines. Download a cheat sheet and practice the moves until you know what exactly to do while playing the game.

Play Blackjack Variants with Low House Edges

Blackjack comes in several versions. There’s classic 21. Then there’s blackjack switch. You can also play Vegas Strip, Spanish 21, Atlantic City, or European blackjack, FanDuel’s BlackJack.

Most variants change their rules to make the gameplay more exciting. They may even offer high payouts. However, the house edges in these games are not always attractive.

Play a blackjack strategy with a house edge of 1% or less. Classic 21 is a good example. It has a 1% house edge and easy-to-understand rules. You can also use most strategies on this blackjack variant. Additionally, nearly every online casino features classic blackjack. 

Choose Casinos That Pay 3:2

The best online casinos pay blackjack winnings at 3:2. However, some casinos have a 6:5 payout. Stick to casinos with a 3:2 pay ratio. You will make more money in the long run.

Speaking of which, choose a casino that pays out money to winners consistently. There are hundreds of casinos online. Some of them are reliable with payouts. Others are not.

To avoid disappointments, choose a top-rated website. Check its payment methods. Choose a website that works with safe, companies like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Google Pay. 

Split Aces and Eights

Two aces add up to 22, which is a bust—a loss for you. On the other hand, two eights are not good enough for a win. And if you hit with a hand of 16, you may end up busting.

In light of that information, it’s in your best interest to split aces and eights. If you split aces and get 10 as your next card, guess what? It will be a perfect blackjack. Likewise, you can get a 10 or ace after splitting eights, which would increase your winning chances significantly. 

Claim and Use Blackjack Bonuses

Casinos give out bonuses for many reasons. Sometimes a bonus is a welcome gesture. Sometimes it’s a reward for your loyalty. Regardless, claim a good casino bonus and use it to maximize your profits.

How do you find great blackjack bonuses? Look at two major things: the casino offering the bonus and the bonus terms. Select bonuses from reputable gambling sites. This will give you the assurance that the casino enforces its bonus terms.

On the other end, bonus terms let you know if you’re getting value from a promotion or not. Let’s say you get a 100% bonus worth $100. But you must fulfill 70x wager requirements. The playthrough terms are too harsh, and you may never complete them.

By comparison, you have another 100% bonus worth $100 with 30x wager requirements. The second bonus gives you better value for your money. Beyond wager terms, look at the validity time, withdrawal limits, and whether the bonus applies to all blackjack types. 

Set a Budget and Abide by It

Want to get better at blackjack? Create a budget and stick to it. Set a budget after clearing your bills and saving money for emergencies. In other words, gamble with money that wouldn’t impact your lifestyle if you lost it all.

Secondly, split your budget into small amounts to help you know how much to spend per day or per game. Also, determine when to quit while ahead and while on a losing streak.

Far too many people lose money because they gambled for too long. Keep in mind blackjack is a game of streaks. You could get into a 5-game winning streak and then lose the next 10 games. Know when to take a profit and when to cut losses.

Practice Your Skills Often

Blackjack is a game of strategy. Find a winning strategy and practice how to use it. Play free to play blackjack games for practice. If the system works, use it for your real money games.

Free-to-play blackjack apps allow you to test different systems. So, read blogs for tips, watch YouTube tutorials, or read a book centered on the game. Then test the recommended strategies using free-to-play games. 

Your Turn

Blackjack is arguably the most popular card game online. People love it because you can beat the dealer if you have a good strategy. There are many blackjack strategies out there. 

Start by learning basic blackjack strategy. It’s the most recommended system. Also, follow good practices like budgeting and practicing to improve your skillset. 


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