Best Poker Strategy for Beginners

Here are the poker strategies that will help the beginners to start on a winning note.


Poker is probably the most popular and the most complex card game out there. A beginner can easily get lost in the confounding world of poker and could end up losing a lot of money. Poker is a game of patience and definitely a game that comes to you as you gain experience with each of your outing. However, simply barging in the poker community without knowing the basic mistakes to avoid, could cost you a fortune. This game is high on thrill and could make a beginner go all in without realising the percussions. Here we have listed the five basics mistakes that a beginner should avoid in poker.

Best Poker Strategies for Beginners

Tip Number 5- Don’t Force It

If you are playing poker then you would know what a flop is. Let us tell you that roughly 2 out of 3 times you are going to miss the flop. You don’t need to strong-headed when it comes to giving up in poker. Only those who know when to give up could master the game of poker. Here is an example for you to understand why you should never force a hand in poker.

  • Let’s say you raise a king♥️ and queen♠️.
  • A fish (someone who plays poker just for fun and is not skilled or experienced) calls you just for fun.
  • flop comes: 8♦️, 6♣️ and 5♦️.
  • You should check and give up.
  • Cause they are not folding anything on this flop.

Tip Number 4- Extreme Use of the Button

The button is the most valuable position in the poker. The players who sits at this position gets to play the last hand in every turn. You should absolutely make the extreme use of button. You would want to play all sorts of speculative hands when you are at the button seat.

These hands could range from- 10♥️8♥️, K♦️9♦️, Q♠️10♥️, A♠️4♥️, 7♣️9♣️, 4♣️6♣️, J♦️8♦️. Basically any two cards that are remotely close together and if they are suited could help you make a flush. You would wanna raise these hands up consistently on the button no matter if people have called the blind. Take charge when you are at the seat of button.

Tip Number 3- ‘Stop and Go’ With Top Pair

When you have a good hand or probably the one of the best hands then you should not fold. This is your moment to be aggressive. Don’t crumble into the pressure even if the players opposite to you are veterans. Stop and Go with Top Pair is one of the finest strategies to start winning in poker. An example will clear things up for you.

  • Let’s say you have A♥️J♠️
  • Flop comes: J♥️8♣️7♦️
  • You bet, they call
  • Turn comes: 6♥️, You check, they check. Your opponents will think you are just messing around.
  • River comes: 2♣️
  • This is your time to make a big bet. You should go for the 80% of the value of the pot for your bet.
  • Once again they will think that you are just messing around.
  • This strategy will help you win against the good poker players.

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Tip Number 2- Punish the Limpers

Limpers are those who just match the amount of big blind in order to stay in the game. They look to check what their opponents will do before investing more before the flop. The limping is used by novices to avoid losing a big amount of money. Limping is a weak strategy and you could take benefit of that. Here is an example to explain this poker strategy.

  • You look down at A ♠️ Q♦️ on the button, 3 limpers.
  • You should raise a minimum 7 times.
  • If you are playing a loose low stakes game like 1c/2c online or $1/$2 live..
  • Try raising 10 times. You could even go for a 15 times raise.
  • Let the whole table know, they will not limp your button

Tip Number 1- Three Streets of Value vs Fish

You never want to leave the money on the table when playing with weaker poker players. Poker is a game of seizing opportunities and trusting your instincts and strategies to the core. You should completely destroy a fish to win big. Here’s what you could do.

  • Let’s assume you raise A♥️J♣️, fish calls.
  • Flop comes: J♦️8♠️5♠️, you bet, they call.
  • Turn comes: 3♥️, you bet, they call.
  • River comes: K♥️, you should bet again.

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