Best ICICI Bank Credit Card Offers that you can Avail in 2022

Best ICICI Bank Credit Card Offers that you can Avail in 2022

ICICI Bank is one of India’s leading credit card issuers. ICICI Bank credit cards are available to meet a variety of individual needs, including fuel, transportation, online shopping, food, leisure, and more. However, with so many card alternatives available, determining the best ICICI credit card for you might be difficult. To assist you in selecting the best credit card, we have included the most famous ICICI credit cards below, along with their taxes & charges, ratings, and criteria.

Here are 7 Best Credit Card offers to avail in 2022

  1. ICICI Bank Coral Contactless credit card 

If you are seeking credit card points, here is an alternative that will provide you with various benefits. Milestone benefits, payback credits, meal savings, movie advantages, and a special facility charge waiver are all included. You should obtain this card if you are seeking a basic credit card and can afford to spend at least 1.5 lakh per year. There is a benefit to getting this card if you are prepared to make expenses that earn you points.

  1. ICICI Platinum Chip credit card offers 

If you love shopping and prefer to pay for items with your credit card? You can greatly profit from selecting a credit card with generous reward points, meal savings, and a fuel surcharge forgiveness, such as this one. If you are seeking a credit card that performs the fundamental functions of one and wishes to pay no annual fees, this card is for you. Furthermore, using this credit card to make future energy purchases can be extremely beneficial.

  1. ICICI Bank Rubyx credit card

With a Rs 2,000 yearly subscription, this product is best suited for you. If you want one with a variety of travel bonuses. However, this credit card also provides a slew of other advantages, like the potential to collect payback points on your purchases. In fact, it is an excellent choice if you travel regularly. Because this card also allows access to lounge access, you can get this Credit card for a slew of valuable benefits. This credit card provides golf privileges, lounge advantages, insurance protection, and cinema privileges.

ICICI bank Credit card offers

  1. ICICI Bank Emeralde credit card

If you’re looking for a lifetime wellness card, this one will suit you perfectly. Get great discounts on cinema tickets, golf classes, airport lounge access, concierge services, refunded extra fees, fuel surcharge exemption, dining deals, and insurance advantages. You benefit from reduced cash withdrawal costs, late payment penalties, and foreign exchange mark-up penalties. With so many features, this is the ideal lifestyle card that will meet your requirements and make you enjoy your decision to use a credit card. However, you should only receive this card if you are an active ICICI Bank private global customer. Accordingly, if you travel regularly and would like to take advantage of the card’s features.

  1. ICICI Bank HPCL credit card

This is the card to get if you want a credit card that gives you exclusive points every time you gas your vehicle. Over and above its core purpose, it provides you with unlimited reward points, gasoline redemption deals, cashback offers, movie offers, and dining deals. You might consider obtaining this card if you spend a substantial amount of money on petrol each month. However, if your preferred refueling station is Hindustan Petroleum. Another important characteristic of this card is its low yearly fee. Although, which can make owning a credit card and bearing its associated fees quite convenient for you.


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  1. ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card

The ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card is a high-end credit card with two network options: Mastercard and Visa. The card is ideally suited for both national and international travelers, and it provides users with premium benefits such as an unlimited Dragon Pass subscription, Visa Lounge entry, golf privileges, and more. With the ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card, you can appreciate the advantages of two cards while just having one account. You will have access to luxury lifestyle benefits in popular areas such as travel, dining, entertainment, golf, and so on.

  1. Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

Amazon Pay ICICI Card is one of the Country’s most prominent cashback credit cards. Hence, providing up to 5% cashback on Amazon and a 1% flat reward on all other purchases. The card, which was branded along with one of the largest e-commerce platforms, Amazon, swiftly acquired appeal in India, particularly due to its ‘free for life’ function. The Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card is complimentary for life, which means there are no yearly membership fees. If you do not want to pay a yearly fee for your credit card but still want to get cashback, this card may be the best alternative.

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