Best HDFC Bank Credit Card Offers You can avail in 2022

Best HDFC Bank Credit Card Offers You can avail in 2022

The selection of a credit card is highly subjective and is determined by the purpose for which it will be used. Because there can’t be a unique card for everyone, we’ve selected some of the excellent credit cards from HDFC Bank to help you figure out which ones are best for business and personal use.

The HDFC Bank offers a diverse array of goods and services, such as commercial banking, consumer banking, credit cards, and so on. It is India’s biggest bank by market capitalization and has one of the major credit card user bases in the country.

Here 5 best HDFC Credit Card options that can offer variety of discounts and cashbacks

  1. HDFC Regalia Credit card

Get the following airport lounge privileges with your HDFC Regalia Credit card: 12 gratis domestic lounge visits annually via Visa/Mastercard Priority Pass membership is inexpensive, with six free trips per calendar year. 4 reward points for every Rs. 150 spent on all retail purchases except petrol.

Reach purchasing milestones and receive rewards, such as 10,000 reward points for shopping Rs. 5 lakhs in a year. Extra 5,000 reward points after spending Rs. 8 lakhs in a year.

Amass awards and use them for any of the following: Premium items and coupons from the rewards program. Bookings for flights and hotels (up to 70% of the total booking value). Furthermore, Regalia users get access to an exclusive prize redemption page.


  1. HDFC Moneyback Credit Card

Earn 2 points for every Rs. 150 spent, and 4 loyalty points for every Rs. 150 spent on shopping online.   Exchange your reward points for cash credit on your statement (100 points Equal Rs. 20).

Moreover, Save up to Rs. 250 every billing period with a total waiver of fuel surcharges. An additional benefit like Investing Rs. 50,000 in a quarter to receive an Rs. 500 e-voucher.

Because of its reduced income criterion and low annual subscription, HDFC Moneyback is an excellent credit card for newcomers. If you wanted to purchase online and need a low-fee card with restricted capabilities, you should register for this card. You would also enjoy the option of converting reward points into money.



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  1. HDFC Millennia Credit Card

Earn rewards on all your purchases, such as 5% cashback on Amazon, Flipkart, flight, and hotel reservations made through PayZapp. In addition, any online purchases exceeding Rs. 2,000 would receive a 5% reward.

Furthermore, all offline purchases and wallet reload exceeding Rs. 100 will receive a 1% reward. receive 8 free domestic lounge visits each year

Earn a Welcome Benefit of Rs. 1,000 gift vouchers for every Rs. 1 lakh spent in the first year of the card. Although, get Deals and discounts available through the Good Food Trail Dining program.


  1. HDFC Platinum Times Credit Card

Get Benefits for Movies and Meals like avail 25% discount on films and a 20% discount on dining at partner locations. Earn Reward Points for every Rs. 150 spent on the credit card, you will receive 3 reward points.

Moreover, A fuel surcharge waiver allows you to save more money on gasoline. Enjoy Travel Benefits, If you do at least four purchases per month, you will receive free accidental death insurance worth up to Rs. 50 lakhs.

This card is ideal for those who:  Go to the movies and eat out frequently. Additionally, would be able to reap the rewards from regular purchasing furthermore, Have a monthly fuel requirement that is limited.


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  1. HDFC Titanium Times Credit Card

The HDFC Titanium Times Credit Card is a reduced-fee variation of the Platinum Card. The majority of the features of this card are comparable to those of the Platinum Times Card. As a result, it is best suited for individuals who are willing to forego a few features in exchange for a cheaper annual charge.

Earn a 25% discount on cinema and a 15% discount on restaurants. Moreover, avail of Welcome Benefits like Vouchers for shopping, dining, and clothing from partner brands. Details are available by clicking here.

Earn Reward Points For every Rs. 150 spent on the card, you will receive 2 reward points.   Get complimentary accidental death insurance worth up to Rs. 50 lakhs when you make at least four transactions per month.

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