Record set by Indian Railways by operating longest 2.8 km train “SheshNaag”


Indian Railways set yet another great record.  The train service has been named SheshNaag which is about 2.8 kilometers long. The four sets of electric locomotive carry rack having 251 wagons. The train service, SheshNaag consists of four empty BOXN racks powered by 4 sets of electrical locomotives.

SheshNaag Train Service: A Successful Attempt

Piyush Goyal, Railway Minister, applauded this huge achievement and has tweeted about the same. He wrote, “The record 2.8 km long freight train was successfully operated by the Railways. He further remarked about the success of the experiment of connecting 4 rakes to run on the long train named SheshNaag. This allows the mobility of more goods from one place to another at a time.”

Another record set by Indian Railways by operating longest 2.8 km train "SheshNaag"

Union Minister also said that “SheshNaag Running on Track: Boosting freight transportation, Railways has run 251 wagons with 4 trains combined together, totaling to 2.8 km, between Nagpur & Korba.”

Super Anaconda

Before this, the Southern East Central Railway Zone has also operated “Super Anaconda”. This has joined 3 rakes of freight train altogether. The train covered the route between Lajkura and Raurkela in Odisha. In this route, there were a total of 177 wagons consisting of 3 joined freight trains.

On June 30, Indian Railways initiated Super Anaconda. They further tweeted “Taking a big leap in reducing the transit time of freight trains, Bilaspur division of SECR broke yet another frontier by joining & running 3 loaded trains (more than 15000 tonnes) in ‘Anaconda’ formation through Bilaspur & Chakradharpur divisions.”

“Taking a big leap in reducing the transit time of freight trains, Bilaspur division of SECR broke yet another frontier by joining and running three loaded trains (more than 15,000 tonnes) in ‘Anaconda’ formation through Bilaspur and Chakradharpur divisions,” Ministry of Railways tweeted.

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Tweets by Piyush Goyal & Railway Ministry

Indian Railway Ministry, Piyush Goyal affirmed the success of the trial of the experiment conducted with the racks combined altogether. Railways are gearing up for the development of cargo trains in its network because the majority of the operations are suspended in lieu of the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

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