Amazon Prime To Hike Prices By 50%, Get To Know The Reason Behind It

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the most used services in India. It comes at a controlled cost and gives features like Amazon Prime Delivery, Prime Video, Prime Music, and a ton of others.

After 05 years of launch, the company is deciding to hike up the price for their services. Earlier, the cost will be hiked accordingly and goes from ₹999 to ₹1,499 (annual plan), ₹329 to ₹459 (3-month plan), and ₹129 to ₹179 (monthly plan).

According to the calculation, we’re observing a 50% increase in the upcoming cost compared to the earlier prices.

Amazon Prime

A Spokesperson from Amazon Prime also commented on this matter and said, “Since the launch 5 years ago in India; Prime has continued to increase the value it offers members.”

He continued, “Prime provides an unparalleled combination of shopping, savings, and entertainment benefits to make life more convenient and entertaining every single day, and we continue to invest in making Prime even more valuable for customers,”

It’s time that they announce the hike after all; there’s an end to free services. But at this point, we cannot say for sure that this is the correct structure for the hike, and it may differ when the official announcement is made.

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It is to be noted that Amazon Prime has partnered with Discovery, Eros Now, and Lionsgate Play to bring them all onto one platform, which could also be the reason behind the upcoming hiked prices.

Whatever may happen, we know that by this time, India has a chunk of consumers that are dependent on Prime for their day-to-day use, whether it be from the OTT space or to fulfill their shopping needs.

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