Enjoy free Netflix Subscription in India in 2021


Netflix is one of the world’s finest streaming platforms, offering a diverse selection of films, shows, original series, and in-house creations. There is no way of watching any series or movies at the service without a membership: Anyone wishing to access the service must have a current subscription. Since Netflix just increased the cost of subscription in several countries, we’re going to look at how you can access Netflix for free in 2021 by implementing the 100% working ways. Here’s all you need to know regarding Netflix’s free service.

 free Netflix Subscription in India in 2021

Get Your Netflix Premium Subscription 2021, Netflix Premium At 5, Netflix Free Premium Trial Trick, Netflix Rs.5 Plan Trick – Hello there, Flickonclick readers! We are back with a new technique to get a free Netflix account. You have already received Free Netflix Premium as a result of this post. This method is legitimate, original, and verified by us because it provides a Netflix subscription for as little as Rs.5 or for free.

We all understand that Netflix has ceased offering free 30-day trials to Indian consumers, but here is a procedure to acquire a 30-day trial using a different credit or debit card. Follow the instructions below to begin receiving your free premium subscription. Watch your favourite New Show for Free Using the Method Provided by Us, and this method has been personally validated by us. Get your Free Netflix Premium Today.

  1. Here’s the Authorized Netflix Kenya Method to Have a Free Netflix Paid Subscription.
  2. All you have to do is download a VPN that connects to a Kenyan country server.
  3. You can utilise Google Search while using “Hola VPN Moded.
  4. Install and launch Hola VPN.
  5. Remove old Netflix and install new Netflix.
  6. Open Hola, tap the Netflix icon, and link to the Kenya server.

Another method: Using Netflix Cookies, you can get Netflix for free for the rest of your life.


Have you heard of Netflix cookies? Netflix cookies are data files that Netflix keeps on your device when you stream Movies. You can stream Netflix effortlessly by exporting all of those cookies and pasting them into your browser.

Netflix has the potential to be one of the top streaming platforms on the market. It is a premium streaming programme that offers a one-month free trial, but you must pay to view their content starting the following month. Nobody can afford a paid subscription. As a result, we’ve created this article for those who want to get a free Netflix account for life by utilising its cookies.

What exactly are Netflix cookies?

Netflix cookies are data files that Netflix keeps on your computer when you stream Movies. You can stream Netflix effortlessly by exporting all of those cookies and pasting them into your browser.

The Benefits of Using Cookies

  1. It is quite simple to use Netflix cookies.
  2. It doesn’t take large space

How to Get a Free Netflix Account Using Netflix Cookies on Computers?

  1. Launch Google Chrome on your computer.
  2. Install the EditThisCookie addon.
  3. Set up the extension.
  4. Wait for the extension to be added to your browser.
  5. Select Extension.
  6. Click the import button from the drop down menu.
  7. Copy and paste your preferred cookies.
  8. Click the Yes button to proceed to the next stage.
  9. In the same tab, go to Netflix.com (you can get logged in without user id and password)
  • Begin streaming

Netflix on other telecommunication providers

Indian telecommunications companies also provide a Netflix premium subscription as part of their telecommunications plans. Jio is the cheapest of them, as it offers a free Netflix Premium subscription with a 399 postpaid plan. Users will also receive free Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscriptions in addition to free Netflix. And, yes, Prepaid Users Can Transfer Their SIM card to Postpaid Using Both Online and Offline Methods. Jio Postpaid 399 Plan Specifications:

How To Use Netflix with This Jio Plan:

  1. Download and install the most recent version of the MyJio app.
  2. Use your Jio phone number to sign in.
  3. Once logged in, simply click on the Netflix registration button on the MyJio app’s website.
  4. Sign in or create a new Netflix account to take advantage of the deal Completed!!
  5. Please keep in mind that you will receive a mobile-only Netflix plan worth Rs 199.
  6. The activation procedure for Prime Video and Disney+Hotsar is comparable to that of Netflix.

The bill plan will determine whether or not you are eligible for a Netflix subscription.

Jio also offers postpaid plans starting at Rs 399, Rs 599, Rs 799, Rs 999, and Rs 1,499. All of these options include unlimited Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and a VIP membership to Disney+ Hotstar.


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