8 Proven Ways to Ask a Dad to Marry His Daughter

8 Proven Ways to Ask a Dad to Marry His Daughter
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Keeping up with the age-old tradition of involving and asking the parents for their approval still holds value and even though it feels antiquated in today’s era, this time-honored tradition is still carried out today and is shown as a sign of respect to ask for permission before you take the big step with someone’s daughter. This not only shows how dedicated or truly committed you are to your partner, but also paves a way for great bonding with your future family.

It is equally essential that the parents and families are made to feel as comfortable and respected as possible while you are planning to propose to their daughter. No matter how long you have been with your partner, this process of approaching her father is still nerve-wracking and a tricky situation to be in. So, gather up the courage and keep your heart out for them to know the gem of a person you are for their daughter.


Here are 8 proven ways to ask a dad to marry his daughter!


  • Prepare your Conversation Well in Advance

We understand that this is a matter of heart and even though it’s better to stay off a set script while you ask a dad to marry his daughter, it is always advisable that you plan out this conversation a certain way in your head. Anticipate a few scenarios that might happen during this process and choose your words wisely accordingly as to how effectively you can tackle those scenarios with words of reassurance from your end.

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  • Be Intentional Throughout

While putting out your idea to marry someone’s daughter and having to ask them to give their daughter to you for the rest of their lives requires you to put out the best of words that would convey your genuine intentions and would build a certain level of trust with the family. For a father to believe in you for his daughter to spend her life with you would require you to put your best foot forward by making sure to stay true to your intentions.

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  • Share Your Story

Most parents love being involved in the lives of their children in ways that everyone feels comfortable with. A certain level of involvement gives them joy and makes them feel valued by you letting them know the details of your relationship. It is a great way to share your journey and let them know how it all started and went in to keep it going, eventually making you take this big step.

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  • Add a Personal Touch

It is not just your girl who likes when you pay attention to the little details that she likes. It is also her family who would appreciate it if you pay attention to their likes and dislikes and make an effort to arrange things accordingly. Adding a personal touch would not just make things better, but it will also let you win some brownie points for the thought you have invested in making it happen before asking the dad to marry his daughter.

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  • Express Your Gratitude

Make an effort to show how grateful you are to them for taking out the time to have this conversation and to make you feel at home with how warm and welcoming they have been throughout. This would certainly help you strengthen your bond with them and make the family feel that you value them and their efforts. A little gratitude will eventually help you pitch your question in a better way, easing things out for you.

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  • Build Up the Conversation

Instead of just bombarding her father with this big of a question, try to build it up gradually and analyze the scenario before you ask them for their daughter’s hand. Think about the mood and vibe that you would like to settle with before you ask the big question. Let him know how important and valuable his blessings are in your union with his daughter and how you would like to treasure the same before moving forward.

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  • Little Compliments Go a Long Way

As much as you are making an effort to leave an impression on your future in-laws, they are also somewhere trying to leave a good impression on you. A few thoughtful compliments would make them feel appreciated and would bring forth your attention to detail with how you acknowledge the same. Just make sure that you don’t end up overdoing it.

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  • Make Sure to Make it Memorable

Going that extra mile to make this happen, to gain their trust, and get the love of your life is certainly something that would be appreciated by your girl and her family. Try to capture this moment and seize it if things go as per your plan. A little moment of joy captured is surely something for you to cherish for a lifetime.

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We hope that this helps you get things done your way. Just be confident and true to yourself when you head out to get the love of your life!

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