Loved Drishyam 2? Here are 8 best similar thriller movies to stream


Drishyam 2, is one of the best South Indian thriller movies starring Mohanlal, Meena, and Ansiba Hassan in major roles, follows the repercussions of Varun’s abduction and demonstrates the lengths Georgekutty will go to safeguard his family. If you loved and enjoyed watching Drishyam 2 trailer, you’re seeking dramatic, intriguing, suspenseful, and thriller movies. Flickonclick has listed one of the best thriller movies similar to Drishyam 2 for a binge-worthy weekend.


movies similar to Drishyam 2

8 Thriller Movies Like Drishyam 2

Vikram Vedha

Vikram Vedha is one of the best South Indian cinema’s best investigation-thriller movies like Drishyam 2. It investigates the grey area between both good and evil and addresses the ethical dilemma of whether a violation can be forgiven if done for the right motive. This film, starring the renowned combination of R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi, is a cop-gangster drama that will end up leaving you startled.

Anjaam Pathiraa

A crime thriller that made us feel the same way we did when we watched Drishyam 1. Anjaam Pathiraa (Fifth Night) is a gripping crime thriller in which a criminologist collaborates with the Kerala Authorities to apprehend a psychopath. One by one, police officers are being slain under unexplained circumstances. Will the investigating team be able to locate the serial assassin before another Police Officer is slain, as pressure mounts on the squad?


Thadam is a suspenseful thriller about a homicide case involving two possible suspects. Both of these individuals ‘look the same,’ complicating matters for the cops. Chaos erupts as, in an unusual turn of events, a fresh mystery is revealed, shocking the police beyond comprehension. Magizh Thirumeni wrote and directed this movie. It stars Arun Vijay in multiple roles.


Maayavan follows the path of a cop as they investigate a few killings that occurred under intriguing and weird circumstances. Police assume a serial killer is at work, but when new information about the killer’s habit emerges, the cop must reconsider what is true and what is fantasy. Sundeep Kishan and Lavanya Tripathi play the key parts in the movie, which is created by C V Kumar. Maayavan is one of the best thriller movies similar to Drishyam that is worth streaming on Weekends.

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Oppam is a crime thriller, but it concentrates on the emotional connection between Mohanlal and a small girl whom he pledged to protect, similar to Georgekutty and his child. The plot revolves around a former judge who worries for his daughter’s safety when a serial killer he jailed is released. When he is later assassinated, a blind person (Mohanlal) who was faithful to the judge takes it upon himself to protect the girl.


Drishyam 2 delights in its complex plot, which keeps the spectator wondering throughout the movie. Karthi’s debut Kaithi was another movie that left us guessing what was going to occur next. This Tamil movie explores Dilli, an ex-convict who attempts to see his daughter for the very first time after being released from prison. However, his efforts are thwarted when Investigator Bejoy tries to catch him in a bogus police raid. Dilli must now do everything in his power to avoid capture, despite the odds. Lokesh Kanagaraj created Kaithi, which also stars Arjun Das and Narain in major roles


Thira was aired almost simultaneously with Drishyam 1 and was promoted as Shobana’s breakthrough flick. She portrays Dr. Rohini, a homeless shelter with a group of girls abducted by a human smuggling network. She embarks on a hunt for them with the assistance of Naveen, a young guy whose sister was also taken. Thira is an engrossing movie that features Dhyan Sreenivasn and Deepak Parambol in important roles.


Abhimanyudu’s casting, like Drishyam 2, features an array of popular performers such as Arjun Sarja, Samantha Akkineni, and others. This film’s plot centers around a former army general who begins an investigation into the loss of his money after discovering it was stolen from his bank. This film features all of the characteristics that make it a must-see forensic thriller, such as tension, drama, and violence.

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