8 things every property broker tells us about house searching


At some point in our lives, we have all experienced the tiresome process of converting a house into a home. To get a house for yourself and add on your essence to make it a home calls for patience, time, and yes of course some money. But in today’s era, one needs to add another inevitable factor to this list while finding a house, a good property broker.
The existence of these brokers is surely meant to be a boon in our lives as they ease up the whole process of finding a roof for our heads. But sometimes, these property brokers get way too excited in the midst of finding us places and end up saying things we definitely get tired of hearing.

List of things property dealer tells about house searching

The constant rush to sell off a place along with their endless chatter while showing us places sometimes gets a little too much for us to handle and make us question as to why we signed up for this in the first place.

Here’s a list of 8 things we hear these property brokers say while finding us a place.

1) Lies about the high demand for a place that is filling up fast. “Arre yeh jagah toh bahot demand mei hai”

We are all aware of the fact that when we get in touch with a property broker, they leave no stone unturned to sell off that place to us as fast as they could and keep on going about how much that particular place is in demand. The constant push by them can sometimes be stressful and can lead one to take a hasty decision. Beware of such scenarios people and do take your time before finalizing this big decision of your life.

Property broker says Arre yeh jagah toh bahot demand mei hai

2) Playing the Vastu Card. “Isse achha vastu aapko aur kisi jagah ka nahi milega”

As we all know how people have turned to astrology and specifically Vastu off lately, it has most certainly become an important factor that people consider while fixing a place. The brokers being well aware of this, hype up about a place Vastu and the good luck it can bring to one, eventually eating up your head with it!

dealer says Isse achha vastu aapko aur kisi jagah ka nahi milega

3) This place comes with no restrictions. “Yahaan aapko restrictions ki koi tension nahi”

This one is especially for the bachelors out there who have a hard time finding a place for
themselves that won’t have any sorts of unnecessary restrictions or a mid-night drama of
landlords at that place. The Property broker know the need of the hour and that makes them constantly hype about how a particular place is free from all these hassles and needless restrictions. Well, sometimes it’s in our favor, and sometimes just a pure lie!

Property brokers always says Yahaan aapko restrictions ki koi tension nahi

4) Raving up about the locality. “Yeh iss city ki best locality hai”

No matter whether you see a place in prime location of your city or the dingy lanes of it, your property broker is surely meant to talk about it with absolute high spirits and make you fall for those fancy pools in the society or for that matter the road-side gutter too. It is as if they come with a certain confidence that you would never see a better locality than what he is showing to you in this lifetime.

Dealer always says Yeh iss city ki best locality hai

5) Their urge for us to get a Fully Furnished place. “Aapko toh bas apna samaan lekar move in karna hai”

The constant blabber about how every second place is a fully furnished one and that we just need to move in with our stuff is something every second broker speaks about. To make us believe that the place is all sorted and taken care of, to earn a few extra points from us sometimes works in our favor and sometimes gets irritating as what fully furnished means is handling and managing the old leftover stuff of the landlord!

Property broker says Aapko toh bas apna samaan lekar move in karna hai

6) Talking about the property rates shooting up. “Property rates toh aasmaan choo rahe hain aajkal”

Brokers rely a lot on persuasive skills and are way too good at manipulating your headspace with facts that may or may not be true. An extremely common way to do so is by citing the property rates and the pace they are going up with. The price rise can surely create some sort of panic in one’s mind to take a hurried decision that one may regret in the future.

Talking about the property rates shooting up. “Property rates toh aasmaan choo rahe hain aajkal”

7) Talking about their authenticity and license. “Yeh toh sab mere license ka kamaal hai”

These property brokers can go on and on about how their services, contacts, and sources are all reliable and how their license is the key to success in finding a good house. Though these factors are good and important to consider while taking any services from the broker but their continuous bragging about the same can surely get on someone’s nerves.

Property broker always says Yeh toh sab mere license ka kamaal hai

8) Playing the Distance Card. “Aapko ghar baithe poori suvidha bhi toh mil rahi hain na”

The dependence on these property brokers gets way too high if the buyer and seller are not
from the same city. They tend to then talk about how they are making our lives convenient by bridging the gap between us buyers and sellers. They certainly help us by doing so but just to make sure, one should always speak to the seller before finalizing a deal, keeping everything transparent with each other.

Playing the Distance Card. “Aapko ghar baithe poori suvidha bhi toh mil rahi hain na”

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