7 Top Notch dance performances by Nora Fatehi

7 Top Notch dance performances by Nora Fatehi

Nora Fatehi is a well-known Canadian Model, Actress, and Dancer. She was born in Quebec, Canada on 6th Feb 1992. She has been capturing hearts since her appearance in Hardy Sandhu’s video for the song Naah in 2017. Nora Fatehi dance abilities have earned her praise from both the public and the Hindi movie industry.

She also succeeded Malaika Arora on the dance reality show India’s Best Dancer. Today, the actor-dancer is so well-known for the dance steps that she can be found in a variety of dance moves.

Nora fatehi hot dance is worth watching for all her fans

Here is a list of 7 popular sexy Nora Fatehi Dance performances which made her fans who inspired her supporters to put on their dancing shoes

  1. Dance Meri Rani

Nora Fatehi amazes fans with her hot and sexy Dance steps in the song Dance meri rani. Nora wore completely different outfits for the Dance Meri Rani music video. One of them showed her with an ash blond, wavy wig on.

The music video begins with Nora sleeping on the seashore as a mermaid, who transforms into a lady when singer Guru Randhawa touches her. She shows off her talents to upbeat Afro beats, giving you complete Shakira sensations. Nora’s belly dance, choreographed by Bosco-Caesar, is flawless.

  1. Garmi Song

Feel the passion and spark in your heart as Nora Fatehi dances in Garmi song from Street dancer 3D movie. Furthermore, it will give you shivers and inspire you to replicate the dance routines.

Nora Fatehi’s style is stunning in this video. The actress’s appearance in a red dress is also commendable. However, Fans aren’t sick of admiring Varun and Fatehi both for this dancing video.

  1. Naach meri Rani

Nora Fatehi is on cloud nine as a result of the dance popularity of her song video, Naach Meri Rani. The song, voiced by Guru Randhawa, was highly anticipated and earned an instant smash when it was released on October 20.

Nora Fatehi hot
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Naach Meri Rani has received over 700 million hits on YouTube to date, and Nora fatehi hot dance is back to captivate her admirers with yet another brilliant performance in this track.

  1. Ek Toh Kum Zindgaani

Nora Fatehi Dance and flaunt her sizzling hot moves in the song Ek Toh kum Zindgaani. Nora has often been thankful and overwhelmed by the opportunities Nikkhil Advani and Bhushan Kumar have provided her with ‘Dilbar’ and ‘Saki Saki,’ and she considers it a pleasure to work with them.

‘Ek Toh Kum Zindagani,’ an achievement dance number starring Nora is a remake of the yesteryear classic ‘Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo’ (Jaanbaaz) and is extremely relevant to the film’s storyline.

  1. O Saki Saki

This song represents the beginning of Nora Fatehi’s meteoric rise to fame. We’d seen Nora’s high-energy dancing in songs like Kamariya, Dilbar, and others, so we knew what to anticipate.

She adds a spark with some tough steps, particularly the hook-step, which does not appear to be straightforward. While we applaud Nora’s efforts, the music isn’t up to pace with the original.

  1. Dilbar Song

Nora Fatehi has excelled herself with her wild dance movements and set fire to the screen with her magnificent belly dancing, appearing as stunning as ever. Nora, a self-taught dancer, was inspired by Turkish belly dancer Didem for her magnificent outfits and techniques.

One of her outfits in the song is similarly influenced by Cleopatra, with the dazzling ensemble being sewed onto the Moroccan gem. What’s more, Nikhil Advani, the film’s producer, asked Nora to create her belly dancing techniques because she is well-versed in the dance style. Significantly, again this song was another strong base in her career and profession.

  1. Naah Song

Nora Fatehi and Harrdy Sandhu appeared in the music video for Naah, one of Harrdy Sandhu’s most famous tunes. The song drew a lot of interest from music fans who adored everything about it, from the sound to the dance steps to the words!

This song has More than 500 million hits on YouTube and has been loved by over 3 million individuals. In the music video, Nora Fatehi’s dance moves wowed the crowd.



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