7 Best Malayalam Hot Movies to Watch Online


Malayalam hot movies have been known for their sensual storylines that have enthralled people for quite a long time now. A Malayalam hot movie is considered to have a better storyline than the hot films that are produced by other film industries in India. Here we have talked about only those hot Malayalam movies that have engaging stories that can fascinate any viewer. These Malayalam hot movies will certainly keep you hooked until the end. No matter what kind of hot films you like you will love watching these Malayalam hot movies due to their thrill, romance, drama and action. So without further adieu let’s dive in.

Malayalam hot movies list

7 Best Malayalam Hot Movies

1- Neelathamara

This is one of the best Malayalam hot movies that you can watch right now. Neelathamara features the prominent South Indian actress Amala Paul as one of the leads. The hot film follows Kunjimalu, a maid who falls in love with her employer’s son. However when she learns that the man she loves already has a fixed marriage with her cousin she gets completely bamboozled. This is one of the hottest Malayalam movies of all time to watch online right now.

2- Mulla

This is one of those Malayalam hot movies that will keep you engaged with its storyline. Lachi, a girl whose parents are mysteriously killed falls in love with a man named Mulla. Her lover adopts a kid whose parents are also killed. It is, later on, learnt that the man who has killed the parents of the kid and Lachi is the same person. What happens next forms the rest of the story. It is surely one of the best hot Malayalam movies to watch right now.

3- Diamond Necklace

This hot Malayalam movie follows a doctor in Dubai whose life becomes troubled when he is unable to pay off his debtors. His relationship with creditors becomes quite fragile and he struggles to make ends meet. What will he do to come out of this predicament forms the crux of the story? This is certainly one of the best Malayalam hot movies to watch online.

4- Makeup Man

Balachandran and Soorya get married but struggle to make ends meet in this hot Malayalam movie. But when Soorya gets a chance to act in movies, Balachandran decides to become her make-up man and keep their status of husband-wife a secret. Will he be able to help his wife become a superstar? Find out right now by watching this Malayalam hot movie online.

5- Apporvaragam

College student Rupesh loves his college mate Nancy. But when Nancy’s father discovers this, he convinces Rupesh to take one crore rupees and forget about Nancy. Rupesh agrees but regrets it later on. He then decides to pursue his love no matter what. To know if he succeeded watch this Malayalam hot movie right now online.

6- Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal

This is one of the best Malayalam hot movies to watch online if you love romantic dramas. The film follows Aby, an ad filmmaker, who throws a bachelor party for his friends seven days before his marriage. However, things take an ugly turn when, in a drunken stupor, he goes to meet his ex-girlfriend. The interesting plot of this hot Malayalam film makes it a must-watch on this list of best Malayalam hot movies.

7- Chanthupottu

Last but not least on the list of best Malayalam hot movies is Chanthupottu. The romantic drama follows a man who is coaxed by his mother to get married in order to get a granddaughter. However, the man is not interested in getting married. But things start to change when he ends up falling in love with a girl. This is one of the best Malayalam hot movies to watch online right now.

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