6 Ways to Save Money on Your Netflix Subscription Bill


Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms available on the internet and there is no doubt in Netflix subscription as it is satisfactory. That is why it has more than 200 million subscribers from all over the world. Its original shows and movies have helped the community to grow.

We all accept that its services and subscription plans are cheaper than cable television, even though, many subscribers are not happy with Netflix as they find it a little bit expensive. And the cost of your Netflix subscription bill is increasing year by year.

Netflix Subscription Bill

That is why we have found six ways to reduce your Netflix subscription bill and how you can manage cost-cutting for Netflix.

6 Ways to Save Money on Your Netflix Subscription Account

  1. Split the cost of your account with family and friends

According to Netflix’s terms of service, a user can share his/her Netflix account with other people too. Those other people can be your friends or family members. Netflix gives you the liberty to share your screen with anyone. So, the best way for cost-cutting is to split the cost of the monthly subscription by sharing with your known ones.

If you have subscribed for a standard plan, then you can stream up to two devices at the same time. Otherwise, you can stream up to four devices at once if you have the premium plan. You can use money splitting app like Splitwise to maintain records between you and your screen-sharing partner.

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  1. Cancel your subscription if you are not using it

Netflix offers month-to-month subscription plans to its customers. So, it’s easy to cancel your membership when you are not using it. You can continue with a subscription anytime you want to like if the latest season of Stranger Things has arrived, then you can subscribe immediately to watch.

Once, you have done watching the new season, then you can cancel the subscription again and wait for another exciting series or upcoming season.

  1. Downgrade to 1080p

Who doesn’t like to watch or stream in HD or UHD? But do we all know that streaming in Premium 4K Netflix account may be a slight waste of money? First check whether you watch shows on a 4K television or not because if you have subscribed for the premium plan and are not watching on a 4K platform, then it will be a waste of money.

Do you know that only a few shows stream in 4K on this OTT platform? Yes, it’s true. So, why paying heavy money if you are getting access to UHD for all the shows? It is better to downgrade your subscription plan to the next lower plan and enjoy your cost-cutting.

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  1. Rotate between alternative OTT platforms

Suppose you have completed all the latest seasons of your favorite show and its upcoming season will take time to get released. Now what? It’s time to cancel your Netflix account until the new season arrives because you do not want to waste your money. Meanwhile, you can switch to other OTT platforms and continue binge-watching. Like this, you won’t have to wait any longer and you save money on your Netflix Subscription Bill.

  1. Find a Netflix promo code

Promo codes are one of the best ways for cost-cutting and saving your money. You can always look for free Netflix promo codes over the internet. RetailMeNot is a popular site, and it allows community members to share promo codes.

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There are other websites too that also specialize in coupons and promo codes, namely Slick Deals and Coupon Duniya. These websites also tell that whether these promo codes are legit or not and you can also see how many people have successfully used the promo codes.

  1. Pause your subscription

Netflix provides a pause feature to halt your Netflix services for a while without canceling your account. Netflix always wants its customers to come back, so it has made the signup process simple and quick. This trick will work only if you go without Netflix for like a month.

Remember that your accounts shut down after one month of your last payment, not the day that you cancel. If you have cancelled in the middle of the month that you have already paid for, then enjoy the remaining weeks of Netflix that you have already paid for.

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