Celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali by playing Card games on Diwali eve


Imagine when Diwali meant gathering with family and friends to celebrate the great celebration with tasty snacks, fireworks, and favorite card games? Individuals may celebrate Diwali slightly differently, but one thing that hasn’t altered is the prominence of playing card games on Diwali night. Rising pollution and bad air quality are a form of the signal of high-level of environmental pollution that has grabbed the entire country. The filthy air you breathe can cause a variety of health issues in the future. Hence, it’s better to enjoy an Eco-friendly Diwali this year by playing card games.


5 Best Card games to play on Diwali

No Diwali celebration is complete without some old good cards or teen Patti. It’s not only a tremendous amount of fun, but it’s also a custom in most Indian houses. Before Diwali, here’s a list of the most popular card games to enjoy with your family this holiday season.

It is considered good to play cards on Diwali. It is thought that playing cards attract Goddess Lakshmi because everyone has an equal opportunity to win and become wealthy. It is also a fun opportunity to spend time with loved ones while engaging in genuine competition. It is customary in Indian households to deal cards on this day.

Diwali is celebrated with a variety of card games. The majority of them involve money and gambling. However, because Diwali is associated with cards, no one seems to worry. So, here’s a selection of card games to enjoy during Diwali.

Here is a list of the 5 card games that you can play on Diwali Eve


Rummy, possibly the finest card game of all time, requires no introduction. While there are other versions, the most common form of rummy is probably the one we all grew up enjoying. The simplicity with which relatives can play rummy is what made it so famous. The regulations are also simple enough for newcomers to grasp. It is not necessary to be an expert at the game. Not to mention that platforms such as RummyCulture have made enjoying rummy online simpler than ever on India’s most reputable rummy site.

UNO one of the best card games to play on Diwali


Who hasn’t had a game of UNO before? This traditional card game has long been a favorite of both children and adults. The game has been proven to be a terrific past-time and opener when enjoyed by between 2 to 10 players aged 7 and up. The game, which is performed with a custom-printed deck, has been an established Mattel brand for the last three decades. Originally designed as a family game in 1971.

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Poker, another big star, is one of the most famous card games in history, rivaling Rummy in popularity. Because poker is so popular, if your pals come over to enjoy cards this Diwali, the possibilities are they want to game poker especially! Poker is considered a type of gambling because it also includes a lot of chances. While this is not a welcoming nickname, it is also a popular choice during Diwali, as gambling is considered fortunate on this day.

Celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali by playing Card games on Diwali eve

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a well-known card game on the Indian subcontinent and throughout the world. In this activity, players must build hand combos out of the three cards provided to them. This activity is near the top of the list of the most popular Diwali card games. This game is played with a conventional 52-card deck and can also be used as a gambling game. In this game, the dealer hands three cards face down to each player. The players can then examine their cards and place wagers. The fundamental goal of the game is to create hand combinations out of the three cards provided to them.

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