How To Celebrate Dussehra From Home and That Too In a Fun Way?


Dussehra marks the end of Navratri and is celebrated as one of the most prominent Hindu festivals among the whole lot. Moreover, it is one of the festivals that gets us ready for Diwali shortly after that.

In this festive time, we should celebrate Dussehra with our whole heart but wait! without going outside. The reason for this is the not so under control pandemic situation.

There are heavy chances that pandemic may turn into endemic in the case of India, which will be a bad thing, and we need to prevent that by all means, which is why we’re sharing some ideas to celebrate this Dussehra from inside your own homes only.

Celebrate Dussehra

Decorating Your Home

To start with getting on the festive vibes, you can decorate your home and indulge in this fun activity with your family. You can use lighting, flowers, and more to do that, or there’s an option to bring out your own creativity.


Draping In Festive Attire

What kind of Indian festival it would be if you were not wearing ethnic Indian dresses. Of course! You need to bring out your A-game when it comes to dressing for the occasion and take some Instagram-worthy pictures as well.

Preparing Tasty and Delicious Meals

Ladoos, barfi, snacks, and whatnot, the Indian snacks are the lifeline of any festival here, and you need to get some. Either you can prepare them in your own home or maybe get them from the outside, whatever you may like.


Giving To The Less Prosper

It’s always good to share happiness with those less fortunate. After all, they do deserve a piece of the festive vibes, aren’t they? You can arrange a food drive or decorate a homeless shelter, orphanage, and more.

Enacting Ravan Dahan In Your Backyard

It’s always a dream to make your own Ravana and enact the Ravana Dahaan by burning the statue in your backyard. That’s something of group activity and can be planned with family and friends. But make sure there are adults present when the final lit up is taking place for safety measures.


Story Time With The Elderly

It’s the time of the year to be snuggly with the elderly and let them pour you with how they used to celebrate in their time. With their bucket full of stories, you’re bound never to get bored again.


Exchanging Apta Leaves

Apta leaves were exchanged in older times as a token for happiness and in place of gold among the commoners. That’s quite a rare leaf, and you’ll find it online at high prices, but it’s a good gesture to exchange the same if you’re into following traditions.

These were some really amazing 7 ways to celebrate Dussehra at your home with your loved ones


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