10 Best Virat Kohli Beard Style For You To Flaunt

Top 10 Virat Kohli Beard Style That Will Elevate Your Look


Virat Kohli, a former captain of the Indian cricket team, is not only a superb cricketer but also a sophisticated style icon. His sense of style served as an inspiration for his followers, many of whom frequently copied Virat Kohli beard style. He is fit, well-groomed, and takes good care of his appearance. The majority of the time, Virat can be seen sporting a new beard style that has caught on with his followers.

Every guy has tried Virat Kohli’s look at least once. Over the years, Virat Kohli’s beard styles have made a strong impression, from rocking a full beard to perfecting a goatee.

Virat Kohli beard style

Trending Virat Kohli Beard Styles

1. Corporate Style Beard

Do you want to look polished and professional? Then you may try the Virat Kohli corporate beard style, which features a strong goatee and side beard hair pulled all the way to the top.

Maintaining a well-groomed, well-trimmed beard is often required for a corporate-style beard. It might be shorter since longer beards might be considered less formal in some corporate settings. Clean lines around the cheekbones, jawline, and neckline should be present, and the beard should be evenly groomed.

Corporate Beard Style look of Virat Kohli

2. The Ducktail Beard

A full beard with a pointed or tapered shape at the chin is referred to as a ducktail beard, sometimes known as a ducktail or a duck’s ass beard. The term “ducktail” refers to the beard’s resemblance to the shape of a duck’s tail. A thick beard that covers the jawline and links to a mustache typically forms the foundation of a ducktail beard. The beard is combed and sculpted to have a pointed or tapered finish from the chin region.

Nowadays, men like fashionable clothing. This beard style is also highly fashionable and well-liked. Always a trendsetter, Virat Kohli pulls off any hair or beard style with ease.

Ducktail-styled beard look

3. Full Beard with a Recognizable Jawline

A full beard with a distinct jawline is a type of facial hair with thick growth and filled along the jawline, emphasizing the jaw and giving the face a defined and distinctive appearance. This look gives the jaw its sharp and manly appearance by emphasizing its inherent angles and features.

Virat has done it everything, from a rough, unruly beard to a plain one. The Virat Kohli beard style is well-liked. In order to highlight and make the jawline more prominent, this full beard style incorporates clean lines around the cheeks and jawline.

Full beard with defined jawline look

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4. Goatee in its Whole and a Detached Moustache

A complete goatee with a detached moustache, commonly referred to as a “Hollywoodian” or “Extended Goatee,” is a Virat Kohli beard style that combines a goatee with a mustache that is not attached to the beard.

Full goatees and mustaches are extremely typical. Never having restricted himself to the world of grooming, Virat Kohli. He then tried a full goatee and a detachable mustache. He nailed the appearance, too.

Full Goatee with detached moustache

5. Complete Beard and Moustache

When both the moustache and the beard are allowed to grow out completely, a cohesive and dense coating of hair on the upper lip and chin area results. This Virat Kohli beard style is referred to as a full moustache and beard. Occasionally, this look is also referred to as a “full beard.”

The thick moustache on Virat Kohli’s beard has its own charm.

Full beard with moustache

6. Dimly Fading

There is no doubt that Virat’s face shape is suitable for any beard style. He can sport a beard style like a light faded one because of his chiseled face and sharp jawline. This Virat Kohli beard style emphasizes the light mustache more than the sharp, trimmed sides. If you feel confident enough to pull it off, you should absolutely give this beard style a try.

Light faded beard style look

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7. Style of Light Goatee Beard

A style of facial hair known as a light goatee beard is one that is trimmed and cared for to have a lighter, more understated appearance. As opposed to a full or thick goatee, it usually involves keeping the beard shorter and less full.

A properly done goatee is a fashionable Virat Kohli beard style that looks sophisticated. Virat tried this light goatee beard style as he was taking a break from the game. Although it can be a little tricky and challenging to keep up, you can give this Virat Kohli beard style a try for a polished appearance.

Light goatee style of beard

8. Medium-length Beard with Stubble

A common beard style known as a medium stubble beard is characterized by short, well-groomed facial hair that is between 3 and 5 millimeters long. It can accentuate the rugged and manly style by creating the impression of recent growth.

Nowadays, most men are sporting beards like this one. You can give this one a try if you want to maintain full, dense beards. Among the most fashionable Virat Kohli beard styles is the medium stubble look.

Medium stubble beard style look

9. Razor-sharp Virat Kohli Beard Style

A well-defined and beautifully shaped beard style is referred to as having a finely clipped beard. It is characterised by sharp edges and clear divisions between various beard parts.

This gorgeous appearance among the hip Virat Kohli beard styles is prepared to draw attention. You need sharp edges to achieve this appearance. This stylish appearance is ideal for formal events and suits.

Sharply cut beard look

10. French Beard Fashion

The French beard style, commonly referred to as a “French cut” or “French beard,” is a facial hair look that typically has a short, neatly groomed beard on the chin area. It is a variation on the goatee beard look, although one with a narrower and more angular profile.

This is a sophisticated Virat Kohli beard style that has cut sidelines and is more along the chin and moustache area. It is not necessary to have thick facial hair. This beard style is one of Virat’s numerous, flexible experiments, and it looks amazing.

French beard fashion

Every man in the country is inspired to give one of Virat Kolhi’s renowned beard styles a shot.


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