The Top Free Attractions and Activities in Saudi Arabia


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the prominent nations in the Arabian Peninsula that is known for its varied culture, rooted history and religious significance that can be missed. These are the enticing reasons why Saudi is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations along the Gulf land. Not only Riyadh, but the neighboring cities also have been welcoming a lot of pilgrims and wanderers. The Saudi Airlines Ticket Prices in recent years have been amicably favoring those who wish to fly to Saudi. 

Though travelling still costs a fortune, these are free-of-cost travel destinations you can surely explore and enjoy quality time without robbing off your savings. 


1. Skyscape The City For No Cost!

The kingdom center which is in the heart of Riyadh is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. Ride its elevators all the way up to the 99th floor and view the skyline of Riyadh absolutely free of cost. The panoramic view will become your favorite when paired with a restaurant meal and a quick shopping jaunt in the shops there.

2. Scale the Forts Of Al Masmak

The Top Free Attractions and Activities in Saudi Arabia
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This fort has four watchtowers soaring into the arid sky. Clay and mud clay-built walls stand tall and sturdy in the old quarters of Riyadh. It simply resonates to testify to the ancient heritage of Riyadh over the years. The museum there includes old Saudi artifacts and memorable remnants and pictures.  

3. Shop Till You Drop At The Deerah Souk

Just behind the Al Masmak Fort resides this ancient traditional market which is flooded with Arabian goods like outfits, carpets, souvenirs, and perfumes which can be bargained for the lowest of prices. While anything and everything can be obtained here, the Gold Souk offers unlimited gold-purchasing freedom for its patrons.

4. Get Swept Away By The Heritage Of Ad Diriyah 

This UNESCO World Heritage site is this old fortified city of Saudi that is also the birthplace of the very first Saudi state. This is the city where the Royal Family of Saudi resides. This oldest city has traditional clay houses and fortified buildings that have stood the test of time throughout history. 

5. Reach The Peak Of Jabal Al Nour

The mount of religious significance can be hiked for free to completely enjoy its magnificence and splendor. The cave of Hira and the new clock tower can be viewed from here. The skyline of the emerging city might hinder other views but the trail and the overall treat for the eyes will all be worth your time. 

6. The Regality Of Masjid Quba Will Surprise You

The historic significance of the first-ever Masjid is very much every pilgrim’s default tread. Over the years the Masjid has seen major renovations in all forms and is still one of the most outstanding architectural gems that is waiting to be explored. 

7. The Edge Of The World Experience Will Be Out Of This World

This undiluted edgy experience can be got free of cost when you reach the Acacia Valley. The rocky ledges overlook the grand valley below that truly feels like there’s nothing beyond but the grand vastness of the sunlit sky and rocky edges. Termed well, the edge of the world is purely a thrilling experience at all costs.

8. Skim The Desert On Wheels

The Top Free Attractions and Activities in Saudi Arabia
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The Red Sand Dunes are simply waiting on the outskirts of the town to be explored. The rented AVT and other adventure wheels will be at your beckon to ride through the desert and feed your wandering spirit.

9. The Gateway Of Mecca Is Now For You To Witness

The older city of Jeddah which once used to be the busiest seaport welcoming the pilgrims to Mecca now stands tall still welcoming its patrons. This is indeed another UNESCO World Heritage site for all its welcoming glamor standing at the seafront.

10. What Are You Doing Anywhere But At The World’s Largest Fountain

King Fahd’s Fountain, donated by the King himself, this water wonder is all you need to feel the freedom in the air. The Jeddah waters are the proud hosts of this fountain that is 260 meters high, soaring itself into the Arabian sky for its waters.

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