10 things to keep in mind while kissing for the first time


Kissing is a form of communication that can either be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker. Something that can easily turn someone on has got its techniques and ways that one masters over time. From being a stress buster to something that elevates your bond with your partner, kissing can be one of the most exciting and affectionate ways of expressing your love and desire for someone. From a small peck on the face to seizing the lips, kisses in different forms can bring the best and worst in you.

While it’s a process that you can get better at while you explore the arenas that you and your partner enjoy, kissing for the first time can be a tricky affair. It can leave one with many questions and confusion about what the other person would like and if they would be in the same boat.

Here’s a list of 10 things you can keep in mind while kissing for the first time.


  • Consent

The first and foremost thing to remember before diving deep into this pool is for the kiss to be consensual. Both partners should be on the same page to make this experience worthwhile rather than creating a scene that both of you will regret. A consensual kiss would not only make you feel comfortable, but it will also ease out your whole experience of kissing.

Consensual kiss

  • Check your oral hygiene

Make sure that you breathe fresh when you kiss your partner. This applies not just when you are kissing for the first time, but it is something that one should always keep in mind. The foul smell can totally turn someone down, making you instantly regret the whole experience of kissing. Make sure your breath is fresh, which would further accentuate the desire to kiss, making everything more pleasurable.

oral hygiene before kissing

  • Build up the kiss

You can start slowly by being gentle, putting in light pressure, and eventually build up the kiss while changing the intensity of it, playing around with the overall rhythm. With varied pressure and intensity, you can lengthen the kiss. Try not to go all wild right in the beginning and take it in an unhurried way, building up the pace while observing what your partner really enjoys.

Build up kiss

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  • Make sure your lips are hydrated

Nobody likes to kiss cracked, dry lips making the whole experience rough. It is always healthy to make sure that your lips are well-hydrated and taken care of before you plan to kiss someone. Keep yourself away from chapped and peeled-off lips that would hamper your whole idea and experience of kissing. Regular lip scrubs and balms can help keep your lips hydrated and well-moisturized, making your kiss a whole lot pleasant and evoking a sense of pleasure and comfort.

hydrated and moisturized lips

  • Use your hands

Hand placement can be a total game-changer while you are kissing your partner. One can play around with different placements as per the convenience and liking of their partner, heightening the whole feeling while kissing. Holding them around their neck can make things more intense, while stroking their head and hair with the other hand can show signs of love and affection. Holding them at their waist and pulling them closer can also work in your favour making you not want the kiss to ever end.

hand movement during kissing

  • Try keeping your mouth relaxed

While kissing and exploring your partner’s likes and dislikes, try to keep your mouth relaxed in a way that you do not kiss way too hard. This situation can be slightly tricky when you are in the flow of things, enjoying your moment, but to avoid this, you can figure out a way to mirror what your partner is doing. This gives a sense of what they like and would want you to do apart from the many different things you plan on doing.

healthy intimacy

  • Be Gentle

If biting is what is there on your mind, then try being absolutely gentle about it in the first go. You do not want to go all out of your way by fiercely biting someone’s lips that you end up hurting them. A gentle tug on the lips is good enough to create an impact rather than a brutal bite.

be gentle while kissing

  • Introduce the tongue at a slow pace

Use of the tongue is absolutely a subjective preference, and one can either confront their partner directly, asking if they are down for it or if it’s something they would want to avoid. Suppose both the partners are comfortable getting their tongue in the picture. In that case, one can surely get it all worked up slowly and sensually, building up the rhythm and pacing up the movement, making you feel more connected and drawn toward your partner.

moments of intimacy

  • Be confident

One can surely be nervous before getting in the act. Even if you are nervous, the trick is to not let it get highlighted on your face. Try not to over-think things while you are in the middle of it, as it may hamper the whole space between you and your partner. You can try to be all confident, own up to the act, and let yourself flow effortlessly, relishing the whole experience.

Romantic moments

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  • Make it happen in the right moment

The first-timers would end up wondering a lot about when to kiss their partner. This is a question that usually gauges your mind when you have been mentally planning on kissing someone. Try to be more observant of your partner’s signs and reactions to things. Subtle signs and hints in someone’s body language and the way they speak to you can lead you to a space where they would want you to kiss them, making it the perfect moment that you might be looking for.

couples on beach

So, ease things out in your head and then with your partner because a good kiss would be something that both of you would enjoy with a calm mind, making the most of the moment by absolutely being in it, making it memorable for yourself and your partner.

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