10 New Thriller Movies to Watch in 2023

Here are 10 new thriller movies to watch in 2023


As the world of entertainment changes, so do the trends in movies. What was popular in the past is not necessarily what is popular now. For example, the thriller movie genre has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

10 New Thriller Movies Coming in 2023

This is likely due to the fact that audiences are looking for movies that are suspenseful and exciting. However, these movies also have a higher budget and production value than horror movies.


1. Sympathy for the Devil (2023)

In this action-packed thriller, a man is forced to drive a mysterious passenger at gunpoint. However, what seems like a simple task quickly turns into a high-stakes game of cat and mouse. With twists and turns around every corner, it becomes clear that not everything is as it seems. Be prepared for an edge-of-your-seat ride from start to finish. The film is directed by Yuval Adler and stars Nicolas Cage, Joel Kinnaman, Kaiwi Lyman, and Nancy Good.

2. Reptile (2023)

Reptile is an upcoming crime drama thriller starring Frances Fisher, Alicia Silverstone, Domenick Lombardozzi, and Benicio del Toro. The film is directed by Grant Singer and follows Nichols, a detective who is pursuing a case that seems to have no clear answers. As he investigates, he begins to question the illusions in his own life.

3. Killers of the Flower Moon (2023)

Killers of the Flower Moon is an upcoming American crime drama film directed by Martin Scorsese, based on the book of the same name by David Grann. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Lily Gladstone, and Jesse Plemons.

The film tells the story of the Osage Nation murders in the 1920s, which were a series of unsolved murders of members of the Osage Tribe in Oklahoma. The murders sparked a major FBI investigation led by J. Edgar Hoover.

4. John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023)

The fourth instalment of the John Wick franchise is currently in production. The movie, which is titled John Wick: Chapter 4, is set to be released in 2023. Keanu Reeves will be once again playing the character of John Wick. In the latest instalment, John Wick must face off against a new enemy that has powerful allies across the globe. The cast includes Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgård, and Laurence Fishburne along with Reeves. Chad Stahelski is returning to direct the film.

5. The Critic (2023)

The Critic is a gripping thriller with an unforgettable anti-hero at its center. The script is an adaptation of Anthony Quinn’s novel, and Anand Tucker brings it to life with a fantastic cast including Lesley Manville, Gemma Arterton, Ben Barnes, and Mark Strong. The Critic is a story of ambition, blackmail, and desire wrapped in a Faustian pact that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

6. Little Dixie (2023)

Little Dixie is an upcoming action-packed crime thriller starring Frank Grillo as Doc, a man caught between the governor and a cartel. When the fragile truce between them breaks down, Doc must do everything he can to protect his daughter, Little Dixie. With an all-star cast including Eric Dane and Annabeth Gish, “Little Dixie” is sure to be a hit.

7. Craving (2023)

Craving is a gripping, edge-of-your-seat thriller that will have you holding your breath until the very end. J. Horton’s direction is top-notch, and the cast delivers stellar performances. Felissa Rose, Al Gomez, Holly Rockwell, and Kevin Caliber are especially noteworthy. If you’re a fan of thrillers, this is definitely a movie you don’t want to miss.

8. The Invitation (2023)

The film is an upcoming crime drama thriller that follows four strangers who are invited to a remote castle. However, they discover they are being blackmailed for their past scandals. The director is Pascal Payant and the cast includes Sara Hagno, Oris Erhuero, Syama Rayner, and Declan O’Connor.

9. Driver Jamuna (2023)

Driver Jamuna is a crime thriller film coming in 2023. The story follows a taxi driver who becomes an unwilling accomplice to a group of criminals. The film is directed by Kinslin, Appaguru, and Karthik M Somasundaram. It stars Aishwarya Rajesh, Aadukalam Naren, Sriranjani.

10. The Last Deal (2023)

The Last Deal is an upcoming 2023 action thriller film directed by Jonathan Salemi. The film stars Audra Van Hees, Gigi Gustin, Sala Baker, and Mike Ferguson. The plot follows a black-market marijuana dealer who tries to make one final score before getting squeezed out of the business when cannabis becomes legal.


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