YouTuber Gaurav Taneja arrested on his Birthday by Noida Police, Check details


On Saturday 9th July 2022, Noida Police imprisoned Vlogger and YouTuber Gaurav Taneja after a big crowd assembled outside the Sector 51 metro station to celebrate his birthday. According to a police officer, Taneja had reserved a Metro coach for the birthday bash. The Noida Metro Rail Corporation allows up to four carriages on a railway to be reserved for such activities.

Taneja had requested on his Instagram page that his followers assemble at the metro station. Following that, huge numbers of people descended on Sector 51 metro station, causing a panic. Gaurav Taneja has over 3.3 million subscribers on social media.

According to a later post “Taneja’s wife told fans on his Instagram profile that they would meet at 1.30 p.m. for the big party. A previous story stated, that we will be limited by the maximum capacity of a Metro specified by NMRC. “Lekin, mileage zaroor!” The parties were eventually canceled due to some personal concerns and problems”

Gaurav Taneja's wife post on Instagram

Police Statement on Gaurav Taneja’s Arrest:

The officers remarked “Taneja posted a statement, and his fans and audiences gathered. There was a considerable crowd around 3.30 p.m., and no authorization was obtained. As a consequence, there was traffic outside of the Noida Sector 51 metro station, making it hard for travelers. “The traffic problem was managed with problem and difficulties”

According to the officer. “Taneja was jailed, and an FIR was lodged under IPC sections 341 (unlawful restraint punishment) and 188.  He was eventually liberated. Section 144 of the CrPC is in effect in Noida, and the gathering violated it”

As per a Senior police officer statement “People had congregated, and traffic had become chaotic. Some folks had come to watch what was going on. An alert was given, and traffic was managed. “It was not organized, and we were not aware of it”

Gaurav Taneja’s YouTube account:

Taneja has a YouTube account called Flying Beast, which has over 75 lakh followers and offers a variety of vlogs. Taneja is described as a certified Dietitian, a renowned bodybuilder, and an aviator on another of his networks, Fit Muscle TV. It further states that he has been “in the fitness industry for 13 years” and that he “has a graduation from IIT Kharagpur.

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