What’s ‘Fast Laugh’ Feature On Netflix and How’s It’s a Lifesaver?


It’s an everyday scenario where you get your dinner plate ready and hop in front of the TV to watch something light with your meal but Oops! First, you have to search for something specific to match your taste that’s fresh or relevant.

Believe us; it’s one of the most common problems, and to solve the same, Netflix has come up with ‘Fast Laugh.’

Now, What’s Fast Laugh on Netflix, you ask, right? Well! It’s a feature where you can access funny bits from movies, shows, comedies present on the Netflix platform in a continuous fashion.

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Fast Laugh on Netflix

Imagine watching the funniest bit from Ali Wong’s standup, and the next moment you’re watching Ross getting tanned a gazzilion times in Friends followed by numerous clips of the same nature.

It’s a perfect solution for the chaos created when we cannot watch something funny and light but cants decide on it.

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Moreover, if you’re worried about comic scenes being repeated and you get to watch the same content twice, then don’t. Netflix has a plethora of content on its servers, and with that comes an endless array of comical scenes that can make you laugh out loud.

To access the feature, you would need to have the Netflix app for iPhone as it’s the only option to use the same. Testing for Android and Web Platform is in order, but we don’t have a certain date for the launch.

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The upcoming month is buzzing with shows, and new seasons of shows such as The Money Heist or Lost In Space will be out soon.

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Do tell us what you’re going to binge-watch this month and tell us if you would like to use Netflix’s Fast Laugh feature and why. Comment down below.

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