What To Expect From Lockdown 5.0 Which Is Highly Likely To Be Imposed From June 1st


While all of us have been bored by the idea of imposing lockdown after lockdown which have been going on for two straight months now. There are chances that lockdown 5.0 could be implemented soon from June 1st, 2020.

This lockdown would not be as difficult and restraining as of its previous counterparts but still, it may restrict some activities for sure which can cause a mass rise in the number of affected victims of the pandemic.Lockdown 5.0 is likely to be imposed from June 1st

Now, the focus of lockdown 5.0 would be primarily on 11 major cities namely Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune, Thane, Jaipur, Surat, and Indore. The reason being that these are the cities containing 70% of total cases of COVID 19 which have been identified throughout the country.

While we may see some relief on the other parts of the country, these cities would still be facing restrictions and would play by different rules.

Also, the final details of the lockdown and whether it’ll be applicable to not would be shared by PM Modi in his mean ki beat speech on the 31st of May. This time he would also be focusing on requests from people and acting upon the same rather than the policies only being government-centric.

Activities That Could Be Allowed In Lockdown 5.0

  • Banking Services and ATM’s.
  • Print and Electronic Media, Newspaper.
  • Courier services.
  • Government offices Would be Opened For Functioning.
  • Private offices with Less Taskforce.
  • E-commerce companies and Their Process Would be Allowed to function.
  • Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and any other daily household help.
  • Private vehicles –One in the front row and one in back, allowed only.
  • Two- Wheelers: One can ride without a pillion.
  • Construction activities Would be Resumed.
  • Passenger trains, Domestic Flight services, and mediums of transport such as Buses, metro, taxis might be resumed for functioning.
  • Food processing units and related businesses.
  • Temples and other religious places would be allowed to function until they’re not gathering masses.

Activities That Might Be Restricted In Lockdown 5.0

  • Cinema halls Would remain shut.
  • Shopping malls might possibly be non-functional as before.
  • Gyms Would not be permitted to function.
  • Swimming pools would not be allowed to function.
  • Entertainment parks such as theme parks and related businesses would remain closed.
  • Assembly halls for Marriage and any other functions.
  • Social gatherings in public would not be permitted.
  • Educational, training, and coaching institutes would remain closed.

The upcoming time would ease us into the next phase of the opening of lockdown and would allow a little more breathing space for us to function.

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This is the right step as if we would allow sudden movement into this lockdown then it would create a havoc kind of situation which would only result in the number of rise in cases. Let’s see whats lockdown 5.0 has in store for us on May 31st.

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