Domestic Flights might resume from June 1st 2020


Domestic Flights might start once again in the country onwards June 1st, 2020 as reported by many sources. Now, currently, the condition of the Airline industry does not seem great and this is great news for them.

The bookings would be started 10 days before the starting of the air travel which is presumed to be 1st June as of now, only for domestic flights. But, despite that many private carriers such as Spicejet, AirAsia, Indigo, Vistara, and GoAir have already started the pre-booking process.

One can easily sense the desperation in the moves by these private airline carriers. And why not for the aviation industry is one to suffer the most due to this pandemic. They are looking at a total loss of about $3 – 3.6 billion in the current quarter.

There are some surveys which also indicated that if the condition remains the same then the aviation carries would end up with closing down their business.

International flights are one of their major produce But due to the corona pandemic, we don’t think that international air travel is going to be possible any time soon.

Only Air India hasn’t started pre-booking unlike all the other carriers and they are expected to open up on the 21st May.

There’s nothing to be said about when the international air travel will start. Which is not a good sign for air carriers as well, people who have an international business, and travelers.

According to an airline executive, “The first three-four days of 10 days, we will see a lot of bookings because of people stuck in cities. Thereafter, it will fall off a cliff”.

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This is true as there is a huge chunk of the population stuck away from their homes and staying in different places waiting for the air travel to be resumed.

But once these individuals get back to their homes, chances are slim that anyone would want to try air travel until much necessary.

This problem could be avoided by a little show of support from the government towards the aviation industry. But despite the best efforts from our government, this is one sector they’ve completely ignored.

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The effects were predicted quite earlier and the Finance department has decided on a grant of 1.6 Billion dollars towards the aviation industry. But the news is quite old and any such grant has not been sanctioned yet.

Let’s see what happens and until then let’s hope that somehow the world economy gets back on track after the pandemic gets over.

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