JioFiber Offers Annual Packs of 15,000GB Data

JioFiber Offers

JioFiber offers annual packs, Reliance Jio has been challenging the status quo in the telecom industry for quite long and it has once again struck the cord. The new updates annual plans from Reliance Jio have awestruck everyone for they are coming with unbelievable limits of data allocated.

The JioFiber offers its annual packs in the following sequence bronze, silver, gold, diamond, and platinum. Here, the bronze packs are the cheapest packs and the platinum packs cap in all the privileges.

JioFiber was offering quite a decent amount of data previously as well but with the updated packs they have topped it all. Almost all the packs have been doubled in data limits and in the times of coronavirus where many individuals are forced to work from home, it has arrived as good news.

JioFiber Offer Annual Plans

All the annual packs have unlimited data with specific data caps. The cap for bronze has been changed to 350 GB while Silver pack has been updated to 800 GB of data caps. Not only this but Gold, Diamond, and Platinum packs have been updated to 1750 GB, 4000 GB, and 7500 GB respectively.

The biggest of the sharks is their Titanium pack which allows data consumption up to 15000 GB and goes unrivaled with any of the competitors in the market. If you’re a power user or want to set up a mini-server station inside your house, then this is the type of connection that you’ve been looking for all your life.

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Recently Jio Products have received huge investments from some of the big names in the industry such as Facebook. There are big plans in motion for the Jio venture owned by Reliance and thus, we can assume this one might be part of the same.

Now, moving on further to the question that why Reliance Jio has been offering such huge data limits. And according to the executives of Jio, it is only a temporary service which is offered due to lockdown where the users might need a little extra data cap. These plans can be revoked by the company as and when they want without any prior notice regarding the same.

But, if you’re interested then you can buy yourself one of these packs before the time runs out and as they’re annual packs, they’ll last you for a year. Whether or not the company decides to trash the ideas of double benefits on data caps.

For more information regarding the data packs and their benefits head over to JioFibre official site here 

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