What does Indian society advocate for love and arranged Marriages?


There is no assurance of happiness in a love marriages or an arranged marriages. Most importantly, it is entirely in your power to ensure its accomplishment. You don’t want to be a failure, do you? Isn’t that right? This is absolutely up to the two of you. It is only with your approval that an arranged or love marriage takes place.

In an arranged marriage, the entire family will analyze the chosen girl/boy based on numerous life events. They are impartial, and their only concern is for your well-being.

However in love marriage, it is more of an emotional relationship, it ignores the needs of the entire family. If everything goes as planned, the pair would be perfectly content to leave their family behind.

Love Marriages vs Arrange Marriages

Even after meticulous thought about everything, the arranged marriage may go wrong, but the risks are lowered because the choice takers also bear responsibility for making it a reality. So, in a love marriage, the decision made by the boy and the girl maybe passionate, and they may believe that all would go well, but this may not always be the case.

Finally, nobody can guarantee that a specific wedding will be a good or bad decision. Keeping your life and your relationship a success, despite certain flaws, is totally on your shoulders.

Marriage is a vital social structure. Every person desires a perfect fit, but the parameters for selecting a spouse differ. People in love marriages want to choose their spouses under their consent, but people in arranged marriages favor companions recommended by their relatives or parents. There is a constant argument about the best way to choose a marital partner. Let’s see which of the two is significant.

Why arranged Marriages over love marriages in India?

According to studies, a large majority of 80-85% of people prefer arranged marriages because of matchmakers, trustworthy matrimonial services, and families. In India, very few individuals choose love marriage for a variety of reasons, including religious disagreements, cultural disparities, family disagreements, and other crucial issues.

According to reports, many agree to arranged marriages even though they initially wished to marry their loved ones. This raises the possibility that arranged weddings are better and more influential in Indian society than love marriages. But why is this the case?

Arranged Marriages are traditional Beliefs in Indian Society

Arranged Marriages are traditional Beliefs in Indian Society

Marriage celebrations bring people with similar ideas, cultures, and traditions together. This communal institution unites not just two mature adults, but also their households.

Since the old period, most individuals have had their parents arrange weddings to unite two families, societies, cultures, and governments. This ritual has been popular since its inception and remains to be so in the present era.

Many people would prefer an arranged marriage without pressure since it allows them to live in love and harmony. Love marriages, in many circumstances, bring a lot of challenges and arguments, and many academics believe that the divorce rate is higher in love marriages.

Indian teenagers appear to have complete trust in their elders when it comes to selecting a suitable marriage partner. Couples must make extra efforts to persuade their families to reach an agreement, especially if the partners are of different religions or castes.

Bad Image of Love marriages in Indian Society

Bad Image of Love marriages in Indian Society

The main difference between arranged and love marriages is that persons who choose the former are portrayed negatively. In contrast to those who have undergone an arranged marriage.

Even if both spouses are happy in their marriages, arranged marriage people get respect more for their good connection. To this day, seniors in many regions of the nation do not believe love marriage to be legal, branding it as an immature, rushed choice that the couple would end up regretting one day.

However, with every single day, a huge revelation emerges that portrays love marriages in a favorable light. Parents are working to understand their children’s desires and decisions about investing their lives with the one they like.

Although love marriages are on the upswing, arranged marriages continue to control the game. It has successfully maintained its importance in the Indian marriage community.

Benefits of Love Marriage

  • Both persons previously understand each other and voluntarily decide to spend the rest of their lives together.
  • The couple is accountable for their decision, and the obligation of future culpability falls solely on the pair and no one else.
  • The husband and wife are aware of each other’s preferences and dislikes. As a result/Finally, they get along really well.
  • With their joint permission, such couples may help abolish social ills like dowry since they have the independence to make such decisions to their degree.
  • Excessive expenditure can be less via mutual understanding.

Benefits of arranged Marriages

  • Arranged marriage is a union of two families rather than a commitment between two individuals.
  • Arranged weddings entail two families evaluating each other, and marriages occur only when the two families are compatible.
  • However, arranged marriage involves more individuals. Therefore, the couple’s disagreement will be successfully settled.
  • In planned marriages, the couple gets direction by their parents. However, in love marriages, the couple may be unable to predict the future complexity in life that may develop.


Both love and arranged marriages have advantages and disadvantages, and marriage is a life-long decision. Even though parents are involved in the majority of relationships, it is the couple who must live together for the rest of their lives. As a result, the right to select a lifemate should be allowed to the people. Finally, no one can verify the ideal approach to have a flawless marriage since marriages, like existence, are full of uncertainty. Recall that the quality of a marriage is set not by whether it was planned or not. Moreover, by how well the two individuals respect, understand, trust and love each other.

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