Uppu Puli Karam Review: Heartwarming Adaptation of a Korean Drama

Uppu Puli Karam Review


Family dramas have been the cornerstone of mainstream cinema for generations, and Disney+ Hotstar’s upcoming web series “Uppu Puli Karam” continues this tradition. Set against the backdrop of a modern family, the show delves into complex dynamics, exploring themes of love, conflict, and togetherness.

The series tells the touching tale of an elderly couple and their four children. Each character adds depth to the story, making it relatable and engaging for audiences. While the new generation might have drifted away from traditional soaps, the cast believes that the relatable storyline will attract viewers of all ages.

“Uppu Puli Karam” portrays modern relationships, emphasizing the significance of culture, tradition, and family. It stands apart from daily soaps by incorporating comedy and relatable family dynamics, promising ample entertainment and laughter for the audience.

Deepika, known for her role in “Kana Kaanum Kaalangal,” describes working on “Uppu Puli Karam” as “coming back home.” Her character, Yashika, reflects her true self, allowing her to easily adapt to the role. Yashika’s journey resonates with viewers, capturing the essence of family bonds.

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Naveen plays a familiar character—a young, irresponsible family member who takes his own path. Despite the family’s hopes, he follows his own trajectory, adding both humor and depth to the series.

Ponvannan’s character stands as an observer, representing how the youth deal with money, emotions, and human values. As a seasoned actor, he brings authenticity to the role, bridging the gap between generations.

Based on the South Korean TV series “My Father is Strange,” “Uppu Puli Karam” aims to bring this popular soap to Tamil audiences worldwide. The similarities between Tamilians and Koreans—shared words like “appa” and “amma” and a deep value for family—make this adaptation relatable and heartwarming.

“Uppu Puli Karam” balances modern love, family bonds, and laughter. It’s a fun and entertaining series that particularly appeals to the youth. If you’re looking for a wholesome watch that celebrates family ties, add this show to your list.


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