Geek Girl Review: A Wholesome Young Adult Fashion Comedy with Heart

Geek Girl Review


Netflix’s adaptation of Holly Smale’s beloved “Geek Girl” series brings a charming coming-of-age story to the screen. Though it may not have the high profile of other shows, it captures the spirit of the novels and delivers a sweet, entertaining experience for viewers of all ages.

Emily Carey shines as Harriet Manners, our lovable protagonist. A self-described “geek” with a love for trivia and nerdy obsessions, Harriet’s social awkwardness and frequent clumsiness make her relatable, while her voiceovers offer a glimpse into her quirky personality.

The show introduces us to Harriet’s world, where she navigates typical teenage challenges: dealing with bullies, managing friendships, and coping with family dynamics. Her devoted best friend, Nat (Rochelle Harrington), provides unwavering support, while her parents, played by Tim Downie and Jemima Rooper, add warmth to the story.

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The plot takes an unexpected turn when Harriet’s fashion class wins a contest to attend London Fashion Week. While a bit far-fetched, this whimsical twist is part of the show’s charm. During the event, Harriet’s embarrassing mishaps attract the attention of superstar modeling agent Wilbur Evans (Emmanuel Imani). Suddenly, Harriet is thrust into the glamorous world of fashion, and her life takes an exciting turn.

“Geek Girl” balances its fairy-tale elements with genuine heart. While it makes frequent references to Cinderella, it also delves into the harsh realities of the modeling industry. Harriet’s journey from awkward outsider to unexpected sensation is both endearing and empowering.

Emily Carey’s performance as Harriet is the show’s standout feature. Her blend of confidence and vulnerability makes us root for this unconventional heroine. Although the series may skew younger, it’s a feel-good watch that leaves you smiling.

In summary, “Geek Girl” is a likably wholesome gem that captures the essence of the novels. If you’re in the mood for a delightful YA comedy with heart, give it a try.


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