Big Girls Don’t Cry Web Series Review: A Slice of Boarding School Life

Big Girls Don't Cry Review
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Date Created: 2024-03-14 14:16

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Overview: “Big Girls Don’t Cry” invites viewers into the world of Vandana Valley Girls School, an all-girls boarding school nestled in the hills. The series revolves around teenage inmates (yes, that’s what they are, given the strict rules within the fenced, guarded boundaries) who are bouncy, flouncy, big-with-ideas, loaded-with-rebellion, and high-on-hormones—essentially, girls just being girls.


What Works:

  1. Authentic Atmosphere: The show successfully re-creates the unique ambiance of an all-girls boarding school. You’ll feel the camaraderie, dreams, and struggles of these young women.
  2. Character Depth: As we follow their lives, the characters emerge as individuals rather than a blur. From the twice-failed Pluggy to the ambitious Noor, each girl has her own story.
  3. Noteworthy Performances: Pooja Bhatt, as the principled school principal, brings gravitas. The ensemble cast, including Mukul Chaddha and Raima Sen, adds depth.
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What Doesn’t Quite Work:

  1. Scattered Narrative: The series can feel scattered at times. While it avoids a linear approach, it occasionally loses focus.
  2. Looseness in Execution: The looseness in storytelling occasionally gets out of hand, leaving some episodes feeling less impactful.

Verdict: “Big Girls Don’t Cry” isn’t flawless, but it captures the essence of teenage life within the school’s walls. If you enjoy relatable characters and the dynamics of an all-girls environment, give it a watch.

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Note: This review is based on the first season, which consists of seven episodes, each approximately 50 minutes long.


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