Twitter starts the process of account verification for ‘Blue Tick’


A few years ago, Twitter stopped its public verification program. However, last year, Twitter stated that it would resume the process of account verification in 2021. On Thursday, Twitter highlighted on eliminating the verified badges from accounts that now not meet the updated criteria for verification.

Twitter said in a blog that “we are excited to share that from today onwards, we will begin the process of new verification application and for verification review the public applications on Twitter. Today’s application rollout points the following milestone in our plan to give greater transparency, quality and clarity for verification on Twitter, “.

It states that blue accounts will be removed for verified accounts that repeatedly violate Twitter rules.

The microblogging platform stated that for the past several months, it is working to clarify the criteria for verifiability and has introduced a new policy based on public feedback.

Twitter highlighted that it has automatically removed verified badges from accounts that do not meet the updated criteria for verification, like inactive or incomplete.

The ‘Blue Badge’ that takes care of you is a way that Twitter helps people differentiate the authenticity of that account, and Twitter gives users even more information about who they have been interact with.

The US-based company stated, “With today’s application introduction, we’re also establishing new guidelines for verified accounts on Twitter. The purpose of these verification guidelines is to encourage healthy interactions for the improvement of the Twitter community overall.”

To qualify for verification, users should belong to at least one of the six categories – Government; Companies/brands/organizations; news organizations and journalists; entertainment; sports and gaming; and activists/organizers/other influential people.

Twitter reported that it plans to launch more categories later this year, such as those for scientists, educational and religious leaders.

The microblogging platform stated that users would also be required to provide a profile name, a profile image and a confirmation email address or phone number. The account should also be active within the last six months and have a record of following Twitter rules.

Twitter said, “In the next few weeks, everyone on Twitter will start seeing the new verification application straightly in the Account Settings tab.” After submitting the application, users will get an email response.

If the application is accepted, users will automatically see a blue badge on their profile. India is one of the largest markets for digital platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Earlier this year, the government issued guidelines to prevent misuse of social media platforms.

 With various measures, the rules stated that social media companies could offer a voluntary user verification mechanism for those who wanted to verify their accounts. The rules stated that such users would be “provided with an appropriate mechanism to verify their accounts and provide a clear and visible mark of verification”.

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