Android 12 Beta 1 Announced: The New Android is Made Personally For You Only

Android 12 Beta 1 Announced: The New Android is Made Personally For You Only

Last night, Google announced the beta launch of their brand new Android 12 OS. Yes! It’s finally here and on top of that, in just about one month we’ll be seeing it on the ground as Realme announced that they’ll be embedding Android 12 on their Realme GT device.

Android 12 Beta 1 Announced: The New Android is Made Personally For You Only

Now, coming back to the main attraction which is the release of the Android 12 OS. This time we’ll be getting a major overhaul from the previous versions as mostly everything is new and customized to the minute details.

Moving forward, the design concept is being named’ Material You’, which is much different from the simple ‘Material Design’. Google is focusing largely on making the device customized to a personal touch.

Starting with the custom personalization, the theme of the overall device will start to change with your wallpaper selection. Yes! The primary, secondary and complementary colors will be based on your wallpaper only.

The notification shade is changed quite by much with having 4 big icons on the quick menu along with added texts.

This time you’ll get the power of Private Compute Core which will process your audio, smart listening options, now playing, and audio capture on the device itself instead of taking the help of the network to make it more efficient and secure.

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In terms of maintaining privacy, you’ll get an icon showing you a mic and camera icons whenever any app is using these two. So, that you’ll get to know when apps are accessing the camera and mic in real-time.

There are some other improvements as well such as a much more efficient system for visually impaired persons using the accessibility features. Adding favorite people on the home screen will also be easier for making one-tap calls.

Moreover, if you wish to not share your exact location then you can share radius based location which will not be that exact. For example, if you do not wish to share the exact location in the weather app then you can do so, as it’ll never need the exact location to show you the temprature.

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Overall, we’ll be getting a much efficient Android experience this time, and let’s wait for the Realme GT to embed the same, and then we’ll know more.

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