Top 5 Netflix Original Movies of All Time


Netflix is one of the OTT platforms that no one can bet against when it comes to the collection of shows and movies. They were the first enterprise to involve themselves in making big-budgeted Netflix Original Movies.

Over the past couple of years, they have been consistent with their content which has been liked and maintained an audience globally. But there are some of the gems produced by Netflix which are still one of the best of all times, both critically and through viewers’ perspective.

Some of the best Netflix Original movies are as follows:

Top 5 Netflix Original Movies of All Time

The Irishmen

The Irishmen is one of the longest movies not only on Netflix but on the whole cinema platform. The three hours and thirty-minute movie is a crime drama and will take you through the life of a simple truck driver who turned into a top hit man, the king of Mafias, and how his life alters with all that.

A must watch for those who like good storylines and can wait longer for the story is not compromise here at all due to being short on time.

Bird Box

Bird Box is Sandra Bullock’s masterpiece and it is one of the most critically acclaimed films on Netflix’s platform.

Now the storyline will take you into a universe where something strange is decapitating everyone and the only option you have is to avoid it and go in hiding while making sure, that even if you come face to face, you seldom not see the thing in their eyes or…

Well! the story is great and they deserve an A+ for the cinematography as well.

The Platform

The platform is a Netflix original movie that is a metaphorical depiction of the class system or capitalism spread globally.

In the movie, you’ll get to see jail chambers which are built vertically upwards and when the food arrives, it goes first to the one’s present above, and then what’s left is thrown down to the other.

A classic watch which might make you move internally from the level of hidden metaphors they’ve used throughout the movie, upon which you cannot do anything but relate it with some real-world scenarios.

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Extraction might be one of the most popular movies on Netflix’s platform as it features the hunk, Chris Hemsworth. The action-packed movie is based on the life of a black market mercenary who’s on a mission to extract an important kid from another country and take him back safely to his homeplace.

Now, being a Chris Hemsworth movie you can expect a great deal of blood, gore, mess, and well! a lot of fistfights, which are in a nutshell, quite awesome.

Murder Mystery

If you want to watch something funny Netflix original movies then this must be your choice as it has the two very famous duos who shared screens for a comedic role, Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler. They are actually real-life friends and share a deep connection which actually showed when you’ll see their chemistry in this movie.

The movie will take you on a journey into the life of a cop and his wife who moved out to Europe for vacation but were allegedly caught for the murder of an elderly billionaire. Now they have to solve the mystery of who actually killed the guy before being caught by the police themselves.

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