Free Netflix For The Weekend Launched For Indian Audience, Avail Now!


If you ever wished for free Netflix or asked the same from a friend and they’ve denied only to shatter your dream of binge-watching Netflix’s content over a lousy weekend. Well! Worry not, for Netflix is going to make sure that you get your lousy weekend of binge-watching for sure.Since, there is free Netflix for the weekend!

Free Netflix For The Weekend

Yes! Netflix is launching a campaign where they would be providing a full 2-day free access to all their content for absolutely free. The event will be called the StreamFest and would probably start from December 4th and will last for a straight 48 house where the locks on the platform would be open for all.

This is a market capturing strategy for Netflix as they want to gain more active subscriber count since they’re seeing a flat line in their growth curve as they’ve penetrated almost the major segment of the market and as expected they have to take heavy steps to grow from here on.

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Now, the scheme is available for all and will be exclusively launched for the Indian market only. This is a trial run Netflix is performing before taking the same offer into other countries as well. If successful, we might soon see that Netflix will adopt this method over their earlier one-month free offer which stands canceled in most countries as of now.

Additionally, for availing of the free weekend stream of Netflix’s binge-worthy content, you would not require to input any payment details as well. This means that if you’re a minor or someone without a credit card then also you can be a part of the stream fest.

So make sure you log in during the mentioned date and enjoy while Netflix is paying for your 2 days free subscription. Being a permanent subscriber or not will be left totally onto your will. Let’s hope this campaign runs as good and productive as Netflix wants it to be.

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