Top 5 Motivational Movies to Watch on Netflix

This article provides a curated a list of 5 motivational movies on Netflix that have the potential to make you a stronger person.


Top 5 Motivational Movies to Watch on Netflix: In the realm of storytelling, cinema possesses a unique power to touch our hearts, awaken our vision, and alter our perspective on life. As Martin Scorsese aptly expressed, “Movies touch our hearts and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things.” If you’ve ever experienced the profound impact of a story, you understand that films can motivate us to break free from apathy, confront life’s challenges, and seize control of our destiny. If you’re in need of a motivational uplift, Netflix offers a selection of films that can be your source of daily inspiration. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 5 motivational movies on Netflix that have the potential to empower you and foster inner strength.

1. Dear Zindagi

One of Bollywood’s rare gems addressing mental health, “Dear Zindagi” is a compelling narrative that delves into the life of Kaira, portrayed by Alia Bhatt. Struggling with both romantic and familial relationships, Kaira’s journey takes a transformative turn when she seeks guidance from psychologist Dr. Jehanagir Khan, played by Shah Rukh Khan. The film navigates through the complexities of mental health, offering a nuanced perspective on self-discovery, breaking negative patterns, and embracing a renewed zest for life.

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Dear Zindagi stands as a testament to the importance of addressing mental health issues, providing viewers with an empathetic exploration of the struggles many face. Alia Bhatt’s authentic portrayal and Shah Rukh Khan’s role as a mentor make this film a must-watch for those seeking motivation and strength in their personal battles.

2. Udaan

“Udaan,” a poignant coming-of-age film, underscores the value of freedom in one’s life. Following Rohan’s expulsion from boarding school, he confronts his toxic and abusive father upon returning home. Portrayed by Rajat Barmecha, Rohan embarks on a journey to reclaim control over his life, ultimately saving himself and his younger brother from his father’s mistreatment. The film beautifully captures the universal quest for autonomy and self-expression.

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Udaan serves as a powerful reminder that the pursuit of personal freedom is a transformative journey, shaping character and resilience. This cinematic masterpiece inspires viewers to embrace the challenges of breaking free from societal constraints and seeking their own path toward strength and self-discovery.

3. Chef

In “Chef,” the narrative takes a flavorful turn, exploring self-discovery and entrepreneurship. After leaving his position as a top chef due to a controlling boss, Roshan, played by Saif Ali Khan, decides to travel home to visit his son. The film unfolds as Roshan and his ex-wife Radha Menon, portrayed by Padmapriya, courageously launch a food-truck business, ushering in a turnaround both professionally and personally.

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Chef is a delectable exploration of embracing change, following one’s passion, and finding fulfillment beyond conventional norms. Roshan’s culinary journey becomes a metaphor for navigating life’s challenges with courage and resilience, making this film a delightful watch for those seeking motivation in their personal and professional pursuits.

4. Queen

Queen narrates the empowering story of Rani, played by Kangana Ranaut, who, after a heartbreak, embarks on an extraordinary solo honeymoon. Dumped unceremoniously by her groom-to-be, Rani’s impulsive decision leads to a transformative journey through Paris and Amsterdam. Chance encounters and self-discovery shape this newer version of Rani, closing the chapter on her past relationship.

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Queen stands as a testament to resilience, breaking societal norms, and discovering one’s identity beyond predefined roles. Kangana Ranaut’s portrayal adds depth to the character, making this film a compelling watch for those seeking inspiration to chart their own course in life.

5. Mimi

Kriti Sanon’s powerful portrayal in “Mimi” earned her a National Award for depicting a woman facing the difficult choice of keeping a surrogate child. Dreaming of becoming a Bollywood dancer, Mimi agrees to be a surrogate mother for a white couple to fund her dreams. When betrayal strikes, Mimi bravely chooses to proceed with the pregnancy, weathering the storm that follows.

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Mimi explores themes of sacrifice, resilience, and the strength found in adversity. The performance of Kriti Sanon captures the essence of a woman navigating unexpected challenges, inspiring viewers to confront life’s uncertainties with bravery and determination.

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In a world where stories have the power to transform, these motivational movies on Netflix offer narratives that resonate with the human spirit’s capacity for endurance, resilience, and self-discovery. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, grappling with challenges, or simply looking for a cinematic uplift, these films provide a compelling journey toward becoming a stronger, more empowered individual.


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