Top 10 Detective Movies to Watch on Netflix

10 great detective movies you can watch right now


If you’re a fan of mysteries, clues, and thrilling investigations, Netflix has a captivating selection of detective movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Get ready to put your detective skills to the test as you unravel complex cases alongside brilliant investigators. With their intriguing plots, suspenseful twists, and a touch of suspense, these detective movies on Netflix are a must-watch for all the mystery enthusiasts out there.

Detective Movies to Watch on Netflix

There is now a lot of compelling, edgy entertainment available on Netflix. The top detective films on Netflix have been compiled by our team. It’s impossible to ignore the allure of well-made films in this genre, which allow viewers to get engrossed in and fascinated by the tales of individuals who live on the periphery—you know, securely via the illusion of cinema. Here is a list of some top detective movies to Watch on Netflix.


Some Top Detective Movies to Watch on Netflix

1. Blind Detective

One amazing thing about detective stories is that they can be incorporated into any kind of movie without losing their essential characteristics. As an illustration, consider Johnnie To’s Chinese film Blind Detective from Hong Kong. It contains all the typical components of this kind of narrative but is presented in an unexpected genre: a screwball romantic comedy.

2. Chinatown

This 1974 movie, featuring the renowned Jack Nicholson, perfectly captures the fascination of detective flicks. It features a complex but well-built mystery that resolves every aspect it presents and never once gives the impression that it is holding the audience’s hand. In a nutshell, Chinatown’s storyline is flawless.

3. Joint Security Area

At the demilitarised zone (DMZ) dividing North and South Korea, a murder has taken place. A South Korean soldier is said to have killed two North Korean troops. The Swiss/Swedish regulatory body that regulates the shared zone has been requested to conduct an impartial examination by both countries since something doesn’t seem right. The Joint Security Area, directed by Park Chan-Wook, is built in a deceptively straightforward manner.


Detective stories are fundamentally about the pursuit of the truth. The grim 2002 police thriller Narc, written and directed by Joe Carnahan, effectively personifies that straightforward concept. In the movie, Jason Patric plays a disgraced former undercover police investigator who is recalled to duty in order to assist in identifying the killer of another undercover cop. 

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5. Prisoners

Director Denis Villeneuve produced this intricately interwoven thriller about a kidnapping and the many people it impacted before taking on the almost impossible challenge of adapting the classic science fiction book Dune faithfully for the big screen. One of the best on-screen detectives of the last ten years, Detective Loki, portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal, is at the heart of Prisoners’ tangled story. 

6. The Good Nurse 

The Good Nurse is a gripping real account of Charlie Cullen, a serial murderer who murdered patients while working as a nurse, and it stars Oscar winners Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain. The Good Nurse made its debut in the autumn of 2022 with favourable reviews. 

7. The Pale Blue Eye

Scott Cooper’s evocative adaptation of the 2003 book about a 19th-century private detective investigating murders at a military academy—where Edgar Allan Poe happens to be a cadet—stars the impressive talents of Christian Bale, Gillian Anderson, Harry Melling, and Toby Jones. The Pale Blue Eye made its Netflix debut over the 2022 Christmas season with strong viewership and positive reviews. 

8. The Unforgivable 

Sandra Bullock, who starred in Bird Box, is now one of just two performers (together with Ryan Reynolds, who starred in Red Notice and 6 Underground) to have two films in Netflix’s all-time top 10 films. Bullock portrays a woman struggling to rejoin society in the blockbuster The Unforgivable who has served time for a horrific crime.

9. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie 

Aaron Paul, a three-time Emmy winner, just made a deserving comeback as the endlessly tormented drug lord Jesse Pinkman in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, giving one of the greatest television dramas in history a fitting conclusion. Netflix has produced the eagerly awaited continuation of Vince Gilligan’s criminal drama Breaking Bad.

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10. Army of the Dead

After a long-awaited success with Justice League, fan-favourite filmmaker Zack Snyder makes a follow-up to his first (and probably greatest) film, the 2004 remake Dawn of the Dead, without industry interference. The action/zombie/heist mix with Dave Bautista as the lead is already a rating success for the streamer.


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