Telugu Sexy Movie List | Top 10 Telugu Sexy Film Watch Online

Telugu Sexy Movie List | Top 10 Telugu Sexy Film Watch Online


Telugu Sexy Movie List | Top 10 Telugu Sexy Film Watch Online: Telugu film industry is known for its hot and sexy movies that are filled with thrill, drama, suspense and mystery. The sexy films in Telugu steaming online on various OTT platforms are a must watch for those who love unconventional cinema. This article covers some of the sexiest Telugu films to watch online right now.

Telugu Sexy Movie List | Top 10 Telugu Sexy Film Watch Online

Telugu Sexy Movie List | Top 10 Telugu Sexy Film Watch Online

1- Dangerous


Dangerous, the Telugu sexy movie narrates the tale of two women who, after facing negative experiences with men, eventually find deep passion and love in each other’s arms. The storyline unfolds as their fierce battles against those who threaten their love escalate into a gripping and explosive climax.

2- Hi Five

In this Telugu sexy film, a quintet of affluent girls, raised under stringent parental oversight, yearn for a taste of freedom and the experiences they believe they’ve missed out on. Strategizing, they manipulate their teacher into proposing a college trip to Goa, seeking parental approval. However, their pursuit of newfound freedom takes a dark turn as, unintentionally, they find themselves accidentally causing the demise of an unknown individual before embarking on any planned activities. Their situation takes a sinister twist when they encounter a notorious gangster in a beachside villa during a series of peculiar events. What challenges will they encounter in their journey with the gangster, and will they manage to return home unscathed?

3- Honey Trap

Honey Trap revolves around criminal activities aimed at ensnaring individuals in positions of power and those possessing wealth. The movie delves into the psychological motivations driving young individuals eager to amass wealth swiftly, exploring the strategies they employ to achieve their objectives. This is among the best Telugu sexy film to watch online.

4- Tempt Raja

Two friends end up at a house with their girlfriends for a short stay over, during which each of them must prove that they are capable of pleasing a woman in bed in this sexy Telugu movie to watch online.

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5- Dirty Hari

Hari, a young man, becomes entangled in a forbidden relationship with aspiring actress Jasmine, while Vasudha discovers her love for him. Following his marriage to Vasudha, Hari persists in maintaining a clandestine affair with Jasmine. Dirty Hari is the best Telugu sexy film to watch online.

6- Guntur Talkies

Hari and Giri, both salesmen, engage in a sideline as petty thieves during their leisure hours. However, their activities take a perilous turn after a substantial theft, leading to pursuits by both the police and menacing gangsters. Guntur Takies is a fun sexy movie in Telugu to watch online.

7- Allari

Aparna lends a hand to her best friend, Ravi, in winning the affections of his attractive neighbor, Ruchi. Yet, in the process, Aparna finds herself unexpectedly harboring romantic feelings for Ravi. Allari is a must watch Telugu sexy film.


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