Tamil Hot Movie List | 7 Best Tamil Sexy Movies to Watch


The hot and sexy Tamil movies available online are some of the hottest films that you can ever watch. The Tamil film industry is booming with great content and it has now gained a pan-Indian viewership. The best Tamil hot movies are often remade by the other film industries in Bollywood. Here we have listed the 7 greatest Tamil hot movies that you can watch right now. These sexy Tamil movies are bound to make anyone excited with their enthralling storylines. The movies listed in this list of best Tamil hot movie are full of thrill and romance which makes them highly entertaining to watch. So without further adieu let’s dive right in.

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Tamil Hot Movie List | Sexy Tamil Movies to Watch Right Now

1- Vallavan

Vallavan featuring South superstar Nayanthara is one the best Tamil hot movie to watch right now. The romantic tale follows a man who falls in love with a girl who is 3 years older than him. The girl reciprocates the same amount of love without worrying about the age difference at first. But when she learns about her past relationship with Vallavan with a colleague she tries to stay away from him. This creates a lot of tension in this Tamil film which makes it worthwhile to watch right now.

2- Kalaba Kadhalan

This sexy Tamil movie is one of the best hot Tamil movies on this list. The film follows Kanmanai a girl who stays at her stepsister’s house. Kanmani falls in love with her brother-in-law and tries her level best to win his love. However, her brother-in-law is not interested in her at all and decides to get her married off to someone. The twisted plot of the film makes it the best Tamil hot movie to watch right now online.

3- Trisha Illana Nayanthara

This Tamil hot movie follows a girl who breaks up with her boyfriend and goes on to live a separate life. Her boyfriend meets a new girl and falls in love with her but the relationship does not work out. She then meets him again later in her life and the latter tries to win her love back. It’s a back-and-forth romantic drama that’s quite interesting to watch online.

4- Manmadhan

A girl meets a man named Madhan and falls in love with him. However, she is also afraid of him as the man resembles the serial killer from her nightmares. Will she be able to form a love story with him or is there something actually wrong with the man? The answer to this question forms the crux of this Tamil hot movie. It’s a must-watch.

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5- New

This hot Tamil movie follows a 28-year-old guy named Pappu who gets a job at a toy store. The job requires him to play as a child during working hours. This creates a lot of chaos and confusion as he starts to juggle between two personas in his life. It is certainly the best Tamil hot movie to watch right now online.

6- Saravana

A man named Sarvana falls in love with her best friend Krishna’s sister Sadhana. He saves her from the thugs who kill off the entire family of Sadhana. This leaves Sadhana traumatised and Sarvana tries to somehow make her happy. Will he be able to bring back the happiness in her life? Watch this Tamil hot movie right now to find out.

7- Boss Engira Bhaskaran

Bhaskaran is in deep love with Chandrika, a professor. He somehow hopes to make her fall in love with him. To accomplish his goal he starts a fake coaching institution with his friend to attract attention of Chandrika. This sexy film concludes our Tamil hot movie list.


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