Sweet Home Season 2 Review: Netflix Live-Adaptation Continues to Impress With Its Supernatural Horror

Sweet Home Season 2 Review: One of the standout elements of Season 2 is the unexpected twist involving Ui Myeong's escape, injecting fresh suspense into the narrative.


Sweet Home Season 2 picks up right where its gripping first season left off, thrusting viewers deeper into the nightmarish world of monsters, military pursuits, and unexpected alliances. As the series celebrates its one-year anniversary, it continues to deliver heart-pounding thrills and shocking twists that leave audiences eagerly anticipating each new episode.


The season begins with a compelling focus on Hyun-soo’s transformation, exploring the psychological and physical toll of becoming a special infectee. The military’s relentless pursuit of these extraordinary individuals adds a layer of tension, providing a sinister backdrop to the characters’ struggle for survival.

Sweet Home Season 2 Review: Netflix Live-Adaptation Continues to Impress With Its Supernatural Horror

One of the standout elements of Season 2 is the unexpected twist involving Ui Myeong’s escape, injecting fresh suspense into the narrative. The decision to have Hyun-soo surrender adds a complex dimension to his character, and viewers are left on the edge of their seats wondering about his fate.

The introduction of an underground bunker as a refuge for survivors is a brilliant narrative move, creating a claustrophobic and intense atmosphere that keeps viewers glued to the screen. Eun Hyuk’s self-realization about his transformation into a monster adds a poignant touch, and his decision to stay behind leaves his fate shrouded in mystery, adding an emotional depth to the series.

As the survivors, now under military escort, head to a supposed “safety camp,” the tension escalates with Yi-kyung’s deviation from the military’s terms, leading to a new arrangement that separates her from the main group. This divergence adds complexity to the storyline and keeps the audience guessing about the characters’ fates.

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The season finale delivers a jaw-dropping revelation as Hyun-soo drives with Sang-wook, only to discover that Sang-wook is possessed by Ui Myeong. This unexpected twist serves as a perfect setup for the next season, leaving viewers desperate for answers and eagerly awaiting the continuation of the story.

Sweet Home Season 2 successfully maintains the high standards set by its predecessor, blending horror, suspense, and emotional storytelling. The series continues to evolve its characters and expand its intricate plot, keeping fans hooked and invested in the fates of the survivors. As the one-year mark approaches, Sweet Home stands as a testament to the power of South Korean horror, captivating audiences with its unique blend of supernatural elements and human drama.

Sweet Home Season 2
Sweet Home Season 2 Review: Netflix Live-Adaptation Continues to Impress With Its Supernatural Horror
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