Spotify Adds a New “Only You” Feature for Personalized Playlists and Begins Testing New “Blend” Mode for Friends  

Spotify Adds a New “Only You” Feature for Personalized Playlists and Begins Testing New “Blend” Mode for Friends  

If someone gives me the choice to choose the best music streaming application, then it will always be Spotify. If you do not know, Spotify became the most downloaded and one of the most widely used music streaming service platforms in the world.

Its uniqueness made it so popular in the world. This was all possible because of its wide music catalog, user-friendly UI (User Interface), accessibility features, and customer user playlists based on their listening history and liked tracks.

To make the user experience more engaging, the company has come up with a new global campaign called “Only You,” a new set of personalized playlists that somewhat resembles the services’ Wrapped playlists at the end of every year and this is the best way to celebrate its users’ experience.

You may not be aware of the fact that the Only You feature offers six different in-app experiences and those are:

  1. Your Audio Birth Chart: You can say that is a new version of a highly advanced music culture that this company came up with. Your Sun sign tells the artists you listened to over the past six months. Your Moon sign talks about the artists who brought out your emotional and vulnerable side. And, your Rising sign gives details of the new artists with whom you have connected recently.
  2. Your Dream Dinner Party: It’s like a dream come true when you can invite your three favorite artists to the dinner party. Once you have selected your favorite trio, then Spotify will do its work by creating a personalized Spotify Mix to set your mood for the evening.
  3. Your Artist Pairs: This feature will enhance your music taste and experience by demonstrating unique audio pairings you have listened to recently and your interests in music.
  4. Your Song Year: This feature shows you the journey of your listening adventure through different time periods with music.
  5. Your Time of Day: Listen to your favorite jam and podcasts whenever you feel like it, whether early in the morning or late at night, Spotify takes care of your timing too.
  6. Your Genres/Topics: Select and arrange your favorite songs and podcasts according to your taste with this new feature from Spotify.

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Blend Your Music with Friends Only on Spotify

Apart from the “Only You” feature, Spotify is all set to roll out a new personalized function called Blend for iOS and Android users. But this mode is running on the Beta version only and for those who do not have any idea about this new feature, then we would like to inform you about it.

The blend is a new way to merge your musical experience with your friend into one curated playlist. And here is how you can take advantage of this feature to use it with your friends.

How to Use Blend Feature?

  1. Tap on “Create Blend” in the Made For You Hub on a mobile device.
  2. Then you will be seeing an “Invite” option on your screen, select that option and share the invitation with your friend via messages or email. (For each friend you have to generate a new invitation link.)
  3. Once your friend accepts your invitation, then you both will Blend and Spotify will generate a custom tracklist for the two of you fille with songs you already love.
  4. Plus, it will be easy to check how each friend has enhanced the playlist with their choices. Simply check the profile icons next to the track.

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