New Biometric Authentication Feature from WhatsApp for Logging in on Your Desktop


January 28, 2021: WhatsApp has now introduced a more secure way to log in to your account from your desktop with their latest biometric authentication feature. 

Soon, this feature will be enabled in smartphones and the app will have to be unlocked by it before linking the account to your desktop. This new system will ensure complete privacy and security for all WhatsApp users. 

A second person won’t be able to have access to your desktop or access any of your sent or received messages after this new system takes over. 

Biometric Authentication

All iOS 14 systems with a Touch or Face ID will have this feature switched on by default and the Android systems will have to enable this feature. Users who don’t have biometric authentication enabled or do not have a device on their smartphones to support this feature, will simply be able to use their account as per the usual. 

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This new feature also comes with the added guarantee that WhatsApp is not trying to steal or gain access to your facial scans or fingerprints. Biometric security on smartphones ensures that no such sensitive information is accessed by any other platform. 

This system is simply using the same biometric data that APIs that every other does in order to access the on-device security system which is an extra measure of authentication before allowing any of its users to connect their respective accounts. 

This principle is the same as using your fingerprint to gain access to a bank account, the same technology is applied in case of platforms like WhatsApp, as they are trying to offer complete privacy to users. 

This information that will be accessed by WhatsApp for linking accounts, will not be shared with any other platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp itself, the messaging service has guaranteed. 

The new update is currently in the making and should soon be rolled out in the next few weeks to be enabled globally.

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