Why WhatsApp Is Still the Better Than Telegram and Signal?

Whatsapp Better

After WhatsApp revealed its new privacy policy at the beginning of 2021, its 2 billion monthly users are now conflicted about using the same service or moving on to newer services like Signal and Telegram which are trying to increase the number of servers in order to accept their new users. The Facebook-acquired platform gave its users until 8 February 2021 for users to accept the new policy or delete their account. This is done in an attempt to unify the three platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. 

Whatsapp Better

Unification of the three platforms will create personalized search ad engines on Facebook, and in order to do this, WhatsApp has requested access to personal data. This data will only be shared with WhatsApp and Facebook and no other third party can access it. With this ongoing debate to ditch WhatsApp or not, this section is about why WhatsApp is still the better option from all others. 

WhatsApp’s primary feature is encrypted end-to-end messaging, which means that the amount of content has restricted visibility on its site for this information. This encryption allows the users to see WhatsApp’s primary aim at attracting its users: no ads, no sponsored posts, and no institutional messages. The platform also released WhatsApp business to help small scale and popular business sites Ajio, Jabong, Myntra to conduct business via WhatsApp. It is safe and secure, and no personal information is released via encrypted windows. 

One of the most popular things about WhatsApp is its availability across almost every system like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows. The login is just your phone number and your phone checks the number of available registered users in your contact list, so you don’t need to send friend requests and such invitations. WhatsApp is the only platform to work efficiently in both desktop and mobile apps, as most apps only function on phones and vice versa. Its Delete for Everyone option has also turned out to be a lifesaver as wrong messages can now be taken down immediately within minutes. 

It’s pretty easy to create groups on WhatsApp as well, and it can be customized as per our liking. The user is given the right to alter their visibility as their comfort rather than conforming to set guidelines as followed in other apps. WhatsApp has also introduced the Disappearing Messages feature and it is helpful in erasing conversations after a set period of time.

The timer is set and the data is erased automatically with this option. WhatsApp’s audio messages, voice calls, and video calls are free of cost and are available in high quality for all users, which makes it one of the most preferred services to be used today. Apps like Telegram and Signal may be secure, but they are still developing apps and are just increasing the number of service operators globally, whereas WhatsApp is an established service and is unique to all other messaging apps. 

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