Nana Patekar 5 Best Dialogues of all time  


Nana Patekar, an Indian actor, is well-known throughout India for his robust and powerful performances. We applaud this bottom individual for being a true patriot. The incredibly gifted actor has always astounded us with his perfect films. He is Bollywood’s most sensible, real, genuine, and modest actor. Through his films, he has transformed from a good human to a villain. His efforts have always been laudable.

Nana Patekar has given several amazing performances throughout his lifetime. He is one of the Bollywood’s most talented artists. In 1978, the Ab Tak Chappan performer made his first appearance in Gaman. Since then, he has appeared in several Marathi and Hindi movies. Nana Patekar was also the awardee of the National Film Award. Here are five of Nana Patekar’s most famous dialogues from his career.

  1. Welcome Movie

Dialogue: Bhagwan ka diya sabb Kuch hai. Daulat hai. Shohrat hai. Izzat hai. Itna rudwwa hai is sheherr mein ki kisi ke ghar mein bhi rishta banana chahun to koi na nahin keh sakta.

Nana Patekar’s portrayal in Welcome movie established him as a great comedy actor. Nana Patekar had previously served as a mobster in Parinda, but this comedy role transformed him into a charming goon who just wants his daughter to marry. This line from his protagonist Uday Shankar Shetty became his slogan throughout the film.

Welcome Movie

  1. Yeshawant movie

Dialogue: Ek Machar, saala ek machar insaaan ko Aadmi se Hijada banaa deta hai. Ek khatmall puri raatt ko aapahij kar deta hai. Subbha Ghar se niklo ,bheed ka ek hiissa bno. Sham ko ghar jaoo, Daru peyo aur bachee paida karo.

In the film Yeshawant, Nana Patekar delivered this outstanding language delivery in his rich booming voice. Inspector Yeshawant may be seen in the scene discussing the day-to-day life of a normal man in a jail context.

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  1. Tirangaa Movie

Dialogue: Apna to usool hai. Pehle laaat, firr baatt, uske baad mulaqaat

Police Inspector Shivajirao Wagle (Nana Patekar) is frequently suspended due to his rage. but he is an honest officer serving his responsibilities towards the country in this movie.


  1. Parinda Movie

Dialogue: Dhanda Kishan, Dhande mein koi kissi ka bhai nahi hota

Anna is viewed at the moment revealing to Kishen (Jackie Shroff) that he assassinated Kishen’s sibling Karan (Anil Kapoor) as part of the business. When Anna expresses this to Kishen, he does not answer. Nana Patekar’s performance in this film earned him a National Award and a Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Role that year.


  1. Natsmarat 

Dialogue: Koni ghar deta ka? Ghar. Eka toofanala kooni ghar deta ka?

in the movie Natsamarat, Nana Patekar portrays theatre performer Ramchandra Belwalkar and his breakdown when he and his spouse are unluckily left homeless by their children in the movie. Belwalkar comes to the theatrical stage in quest of a dwelling in this scene.

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