Bhramam Movie Reviews: Did Andhadhun Get a Malayalam Makeover?

Bhramam movie reviews

It is always difficult for a remake to measure up to the hype set by the original film, especially when the latter is as well-received as Andhadhun (2018). It is much more difficult when the picture has already been produced in one language Maestro (2021) in Telugu and most viewers are familiar of the plot’s unexpected twists and turns in the tail. Scroll down to read Bhramam movie reviews.

Andhadhun, directed by Sriram Raghavan and featuring Ayushmann Khurrana, Tabu, and Radhika Apte, got everybody sit up and pay attention of him in 2018. Andhadhun became a success due to its unique storyline and numerous plot unexpected twists. Three years later, the regional film industry sought to offer its public a flavor of Andhadhun, therefore remakes were announced.

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Bhramam movie Reviews positive side:

Shankar plays an elderly celebrity named Uday Kumar, who enjoys re-watching his previous films and lamenting his lost popularity. Simi (Mamta Mohandas) portrays his much younger partner, Simi, who aspires to be an artist. The movie is about what occurs when these personalities meet contact and there is a murder that renders everybody a culprit.

In contrast to Maestro (2021), which suffered from a lack portrayals, Bhramam excels on the performance front owing to the solid work of the primary characters. Andhadhun (2018) was a genuinely gloomy film with hilarity produced from the most unanticipated settings, and the outcome played really well for it.

Bhramam, on the other side, doesn’t stop back and plays out like a mystery masquerading as a comedy. The effort to commercialise Bhramam would succeed for individuals who haven’t seen the original, but it’s a disappointment for others. Ravi K Chandran, on the other hand, guarantees that there are no lulls in Bhramam and keeping the spectator interested for the most part by pursuing a more corporate path and making the events pacier.

Bhramam movie Reviews story line:

Bhrahmam movie Cast

In terms of plot, Prithviraj gives yet another stunning performance. He impresses as a blind musician and skillfully shows his helplessness as he becomes entangled in a tangle. Mamta Mohandas was an unusual pick for the character originally played by Tabu, but the shift works as she makes a good impression in a negative role.

Bhramam is the type of film that doesn’t demand its star to be morally upright, and Prithviraj appears to have enjoyed portraying such a role. It’s also nice to see Mamta play a nasty character, which she isn’t known for in mainstream cinema. Raashi Khanna plays a nice role.

 Final verdict:

Bhramam is unquestionably superior to the Telugu remake. But when compared to Andhadhun, it’s a worthless duplicate that adds nothing unique. Its tiny modifications have little influence. It will only work if you haven’t seen the real version.

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