Most watched Crime Thriller K-Drama on Hotstar


K-dramas have received praise from throughout the world in recent years for their engaging storytelling and variety of genres. Crime thriller K-dramas, renowned for their strong plotlines, intriguing storytelling, and well-crafted characters, are among the most well-liked and captivating genres.

Most watched Crime Thriller K-Drama on Hotstar

As mysteries are solved, criminals’ minds are examined, and committed detectives and investigators relentlessly seek justice, viewers of these dramas are taken on an exciting trip. In this article, we delve into the world of crime thriller K-Dramas available on Hotstar and explore what makes them a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Crime Thriller K-Drama on Hotstar

1. Revenge of Others(2022)

Speculation is a mystery that revolves around murder. This series’ main character’s twin brother dies; was it a suicide or homicide? There’s just one method to determine it. Watch the top Korean drama thriller on Disney Hotstar.

2. “Signal”

“Signal” is a gripping thriller that connects a criminal profiler and a detective from several eras by weaving two timelines together. They work together to solve cold cases and provide long-overdue justice to victims via an enigmatic radio frequency. Any fan of crime thrillers must see “Signal” due to its compelling narrative and superb acting.

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3. Doctor Lawyer (2022)

One of Korea’s best surgeons, Han Yi-Han (So Ji-Sub) was a well-known and respected surgeon. He suffered a terrible accident during a heart transplant and lost his medical licence. After four years, Han Yi-Han is able to practise law. His former girlfriend Geun Seok-Young Lim Soo-Hyang is a prosecutor. One of the best law and crime-based Korean dramas of 2022 is this one.

4. Grid (2022) 

This Korean drama is quite well-liked, and it has also been shown on Disney + Hotstar. The best Kdrama to watch for practically all age groups is this one. The plot is based on Kim Sae-ha’s background and development in life. The main character has been working for a mysterious government agency for 24 years.

His previous task was to find the ghost. Based on the plot, the Korean drama will continue and repeatedly uncover dead-end instances. It is the first Korean drama that the Disney + Hotstar streaming service will suggest.

5. “The Lies Within”

Discover the political and conspiratorial truths in “The Lies Within.” When a woman’s husband goes missing, her quest for the truth leads her to learn about sinister secrets that are kept under society’s surface. You’ll be left wondering who to trust and what lies behind the surface of power after seeing this compelling thriller.

6. Misty (2018)

It is a thriller that centres on Kim Nam-Joo’s character, Go Hye-ran, a newsreader who is thought to be involved in a murder investigation. Unexpectedly, Kang Tae-Wook, her husband, serves as the legal counsel or counsellor. Although it seems straightforward, their marriage is in jeopardy of disintegrating.

7. “Beyond Evil”

This dark and psychological thriller centres on a former detective and a detective with conflicting pasts as they join forces to solve a series of gruesome murders. “Beyond Evil” delves into the minds of its characters, keeping viewers guessing until the very end.

8. Beautiful World (2019)

This television series, titled “Beautiful World,” features various scenes of terrible realism. This 2019-produced sitcom continues to enjoy unprecedented popularity. This television show’s protagonist, a young boy, suffers a terrible accident that drastically alters his life.

As numerous concerns in his home and school are discussed, the show proceeds. You must be a member of Disney + Hotstar to watch this serial, so sign up right away.

9. “Save Me”

In “Save Me,” a group of young individuals becomes entangled with a religious cult that holds dark secrets. As they try to rescue a friend from the clutches of the cult, they must confront the depths of human depravity and their own resilience.

10. “Strangers from Hell

In ‘Strangers from Hell’, a young man moves into a run-down flat building only to meet his bizarre and unsettling neighbours. Get ready for a terrifying adventure. He finds himself imprisoned in a nightmare environment as he uncovers the horrific truths about the people of the building.

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