Top 10 Hindi Dubbed Thriller K-Drama on Hotstar


Korean dramas also referred to as K-Dramas, have become incredibly popular all over the world thanks to their compelling narratives and distinctive cultural perspectives. Hotstar provides a wealth of entertainment for Indian viewers, and among its varied selection, Hindi Dubbed Thriller K-Drama on Hotstar have gained popularity.

Top 10 Hindi Dubbed Thriller K-Drama on Hotstar

Fans of suspense, intrigue, and pulse-pounding action will find plenty of options in the Hindi-dubbed thriller K-Dramas on Hotstar. We explore the world of Hindi dubbed thriller K-Dramas on Hotstar in this post and provide 10 gripping dramas that guarantee to have readers on the edge of their seats.

Hindi Dubbed Thriller K-Drama on Hotstar

1. Sketch (2023)

A gifted investigator named Kang Dong Soo is the focus of the gripping crime thriller The Sketch. Kang Dong Soo has the ability to foresee future occurrences through detailed sketches. He joins forces with a top profiler and employs his special talent to stop crimes from happening and apprehend offenders. Each sketch turns into a key piece of information as they race against time in their perilous search for the truth and justice.

2. “Doctor Stranger

Discover the world of medical drama and espionage with “Doctor Stranger.” A brilliant North Korean doctor escapes to South Korea and becomes caught up in a sinister plot while rekindling his former love. This drama keeps viewers interested in high-stakes medical procedures and undercover activities.

3. Suspicious Partner

A murder case that challenges their faith in the justice system ensnares a prosecutor and a court clerk. Their journey is explored in “Suspicious Partner” as they confront their affections for one another and unearth hidden secrets.

4. Vagabond

In the suspenseful thriller “Vagabond,” Cha Dal-geon, a stuntman, is tasked with learning the truth about his nephew’s strange plane crash. He learns of a vast plot involving influential people as he digs more into the probe. Fans of adrenaline-pumping dramas must watch “Vagabond” since it has magnificent action scenes and riveting tension. It is one of the best Hindi Dubbed Thriller K-Drama on Hotstar.

5. “W – Two Worlds

Prepare yourself for a journey into the mind-bending “W – Two Worlds.” Oh Yeon-joo, a surgeon, falls involved with Kang Chul after she enters the world of a webcomic. As they work to solve the puzzles of the comic world and how it relates to the real world, the lines between fact and fiction become increasingly hazy.

6. “Memories of the Alhambra(2020)

“Memories of the Alhambra” transports spectators on an intriguing trip through a virtual reality game while fusing themes of fantasy, intrigue, and romance. A CEO named Yoo Jin-woo is caught up in a surreal augmented reality journey that combines the physical and virtual worlds in unpredictable ways.

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7. Kill Me, Heal Me

“Kill Me, Heal Me” follows Cha Do-hyun, a guy with multiple personality disorders, delving into psychological complexity. He sets off on a healing trip while facing up to dark secrets from the past, with each personality carrying its unique set of powers.

8. City Hunter

Lee Yoon-sung, a vigilante who goes by the nickname “City Hunter,” is followed in “City Hunter” as he seeks out justice and retribution. He is motivated by the tragic past of his father and utilises his talents to expose corrupt officials and criminals. “City Hunter” offers a compelling tale of vigilante justice among exciting action scenes and intricate character dynamics.

9. Suspicious Partner

In “Suspicious Partner,” a prosecutor and a legal intern team up to solve a murder case. They find hidden secrets and face their feelings for one another as they investigate the case’s complexities. This drama deftly juggles romance, suspense, and mystery.

10. The K2

“The K2” is an exhilarating trip as Kim Je-ha, a former mercenary, gets entangled in a perilous political plot. He assumes the job of a powerful woman’s bodyguard and must manoeuvre past hazardous enemies and high-stakes power disputes.


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