Microsoft Windows 11 Leaked: What’s New, and How You Can Download Windows Before Launch

Microsoft announced their new Windows 11 launch for the 24th of June and on the same day, they’ll be opening the beta testing program before the final launch sometime by the end of this year.

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But before they can do that, initially there were some screenshots that went viral over the internet, and afterward, the full copy of Windows 11 was made available for download.

Windows 11

There was not much in the preview version of the Windows that some people did install but it sure did give us an overview of what’s coming.

While we would not tell you ‘How to install the unlicenced copy of Windows preview’ as that will be a felony, we sure can share with you what we find from other users’ experiences.

Starting with the overall theme, there is a lot less branding and it starts with the default wallpaper, which looks nice and doesn’t contain that windows icon.

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The material simplistic design is used and the app windows have a rounded corner look to make it even more aesthetic.

Along with that, you’d get the windows button overhauled and the whole section of the windows button along with the icons have been shifted to the center of the taskbar. You can surely have it left-aligned with the help of some settings, but it did felt new to see this change.

The features are not yet disclosed as the users who obtained an early release copy haven’t been able to unlock the full version’s potential. And all we have for now is some screenshots and testimonials, which primarily tell you that the new windows look quite good.

The official unveiling is set for 24th June and the event would be live-streamed for sure, which is the norm in the post corona times. We’ll be providing with more details about the launch and leaks that come our way. But for that, you’d have to subscribe to us over at Google News by clicking here.

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